First Purchase on Neowing

I received my order on Neowing yesterday ( Neowing is an online store which sells Japanese books and CD. I’m self studying Korean language with textbooks written in Japanese so this post is totally related with learning Korean.

Let’s see…

I ordered on September 6, chose EMS for shipping.
Order dispatched on September 9. (According to the website, the book I ordered was available for shipping after 2-4 days).
Order arrived on September 12.

As you can see in the picture, the shipper’s name is “CD Japan (Neowing Corp.)”. So I guess Neowing and CD Japan are actually two shopping sites from the same company.

CD Japan (Neowing)

CD Japan (Neowing)

They didn’t send me notice that my order had been dispatched (which is kind of weird) so I asked them in Japanese about my EMS tracking number through e-mail and they replied promptly. Link for tracking EMS and registered airmail: . (Got this link from

Simple packaging but they're all in perfect condition.

Simple packaging but they’re all in perfect condition.

I ordered one CD of ONE OK ROCK and one Korean textbook. The packaging is simple. They just put each item inside this envelope-like bubble wrap thing (I hope you get what I mean haha.). And they wrapped everything with a green paper… maybe to make it pretty?

It’s my first order and I like that it didn’t take very long for my order to arrive and everything came in perfect condition. Maybe because I chose EMS for shipping, the postman took extra care with it. I definitely will shop again on Neowing.

Listen to “Clock Strikes” by ONE OK ROCK:


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