Foreigners Shouldn’t Shop on Honto

A little update about my bad shopping experience at Honto ( :



I bought 2 e-books on Honto but found that I couldn’t even download the reader to my Android smartphone. I contacted Honto to ask about this. The customer service at Honto told me that they don’t allow their e-books to be read on mobile devices outside Japan. But they didn’t give warning about this on their website, and they didn’t offer to give me refund for the 2 Japanese e-books that I already paid for without knowing this. The e-books are also very hard to read on my laptop because the zoom-in tool doesn’t work well. Honto said they can’t help me with this, either, because I don’t live in Japan, so it was totally my fault that I shopped on their site. *Lost about 2,000 yen.*

In March, I ordered 3 books on Honto, and they never arrived. I assumed the customs confiscated my package because Honto always writes shipping fee on the box, which is possibly assumed by Indonesian customs as an attempt to falsify the value of the package. My order was under 50 dollars so I shouldn’t have had problem with customs. I told Honto about this, but they said they couldn’t help me because that’s just how they ship orders, and maybe my books will arrive later, who knows? No offer for replacement, either. *Lost about 6,000 yen.*

I’m closing comments for this blog post because I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I just want to move on and shop somewhere else. ###