I Bought GANADA KOREAN for Japanese – Intermediate on twoChois

I was glad I could get GANADA KOREAN the Japanese version on twoChois. They apologized that they had to postpone shipment (only for a day, actually) because the publisher sent them a book with bad binding so they had to go to a bookstore to get a better one for me. So I guess my order is bad for business. Anyway, I like my books. They’re perfect. And I got free gifts: a notebook and a pen.

This time post office delivered my package in time (about 2 weeks with registered airmail from South Korea to Indonesia).

Package from twoChois

I just love the plain, logo-less box twoChois use for packaging.

GANADA KOREAN - Intermediate

GANADA KOREAN Intermediate 1&2 Japanese version, and free gifts (a notebook and a pen). I already removed the plastic wrapping.

Free Gifts

Hand-written memo and free gifts: a cute little notebook (with a lot of cartoon and hangeul letters inside), and a matching pen.

The notebook is so cute, it’s got some illustrations with hangul.

니들 밖에 없다 = I've got only you guys

니들 밖에 없다 = 君らしかいない, “I’ve got only you guys” or “you guys are the best”.

Check the books and preview pages on twoChois:
New 가나다 (Ganada) intermediate level 1 $25
New 가나다 (Ganada) intermediate level 2 $ 25.

The books are colorful, they have translation, MP3 CD, a lot of exercises on sentence patterns you can do on your own, and answer keys. They look great for self-learning. Maybe I’ll write a review when I finish using book 1 (…could take months ^^).

When New Ganada advanced level 1 and 2 are out, I will definitely buy them.


More pictures to answer request from Joseph 님 (http://panggapseumnida.wordpress.com/).

These pages are from chapter 30 in Intermediate 2.



Japanese translation of the conversation.

Japanese translation of the conversation.

Grammar explanation.

Grammar explanation.




읽기 = Reading.

Japanese translation of reading.

Japanese translation of reading.

A column about Korean Culture in Japanese.

A column about Korean Culture, entirely in Japanese.

More vocabulary.

More vocabulary.


I Bought GANADA KOREAN for Japanese – Intermediate on twoChois”에 대한 8개의 생각

  1. Hi, I was expecting you’ve posted pictures of at least some pages so I was a bit disappointed haha. Since I’m very familiar with the book, I just wanted to see its contents in Japanese version 🙂 Anyway, in my experience, this book has been ultra helpful, I hope the Japanese version’s just as helpful as the English one 🙂


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