About My Effort to Study Advanced Level Korean

I’ve been trying to study with Yonsei Korean 5-1, the main textbook. I finished chapter 1 yesterday, and to be honest, I don’t think I have the willpower to continue to chapter 2.

My problem? Most of the tasks in chapter 1 (so readers can practice using the new vocabulary (27 words and 2 new grammars) are great for classroom activities but not suitable for self learners. For example: interview someone in Korean, or do these games with your classmates, tell your opinion about this in Korean, and the like. But because I am studying by myself, no Korean in sight, I can’t do the tasks. Wait, no, I think even if I attended a language school, I would hate these kind of classroom activities. There are no answer keys in the main textbook, the grammar explanation is minimal and hard to chew because it’s all in Korean, and while reading, I started to question: what is so great about Yonsei Korean textbook and why is everyone using it? I’d rather read High Cut tabloid because it’s just as hard for me, and at least I’d enjoy it.

For next chapters, I think I will study the conversation and audio, memorize the vocabulary and the grammar explanation, read the articles for reading practices… and ignore the rest… Well, at least the audio CDs are good. And now I know what’s in the Yonsei Korean book because I was curious about what I probably missed by not using it.

I haven’t touched the Yonsei Korean Workbook even though at a glance it seems good for self-studying. I’m just not in the right ‘mood’. Maybe later.

Thanks to the Yonsei 5-1 book, now I’ve happily returned to my old textbook that I never finished: “Korean Grammar Practice for Foreigners – Advanced Level – English version”, also published by Yonsei University. Now this book looks more interesting to me. Just new advanced level grammars without 쓸데없는 classroom activities. With this book, I studied only 2-3 grammars every day and I’ve been loving the time I spend with it.

The last grammar I learned today was -느니만큼.

-느니만큼 = ~するだけ = Given that (as much as)...

-느니만큼 = ~するだけ

Sentences with -느니만큼

Sentences with -느니만큼

I also read my Korean Grammar dictionary (written in Japanese) for more explanation and more examples.

-느니만큼 in「標準韓国語文法辞典」

-느니만큼 in「標準韓国語文法辞典」. So -느니만큼 is interchangeable with -느니만치.

It was grammar no. 25, so I still have 75 more grammars to learn.

I love learning Korean. Love. Love. Love.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE” by Roy Kim♪

By the way, my sister is visiting from Surabaya and she bought this Korean canned peach from the supermarket near my house in Bekasi. She’s not interested in learning Korean but she’s more adventurous than I am.

Now I will never forget this word: 복숭아.

복숭아 = peach

복숭아 = peach

I also finished a Korean children book, which was a very easy book, but I enjoyed reading it and memorized about 30 new words.

내가 겁쟁이라고?

내가 겁쟁이라고? = You say I’m a coward?

Anyway, I finally get on track studying advanced level. Just because it’s only a hobby for me, it doesn’t mean I’m not serious about mastering this language in the shortest time possible. 화이팅!###


11 thoughts on “About My Effort to Study Advanced Level Korean

  1. It’s so weird ( I have Yonsei 4-1) and I really really like the book yes some sections are not suitable for self-study but either I take part in them as if I was in a classroom and then I just ask Korean friends about the answers if they are “colloquial”enough! Because I also wanted to skip them but that would be skipping part of the learning process and I didn’t want to do that so I rather just do it and they have a nice writing section (in Yonsei 4-1) I’m not sure about Yonsei 5-1

    Over all I am not done with the book it is a little ‘slow’ because I revise on the chapters twice a week to make sure I have got it all but I enjoy these textbooks only downer is the lack of an answer key but the quality makes up for that ㅋㅋ? I think anyway. The book above looks interesting though ^^


  2. I am self-studying Yonsei 4-2 and I have a hard time studying that book too. The exercises are too difficult, but there are no answer keys. I decide to just study vocabulary and grammar from the reading section and the culture section.


    • Exactly. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks the same. I’ll do as you do with the rest of the chapters, but maybe later after I finish the grammar practice book. The questions can be answered in many ways but I still wanted model answers. The Yonsei Korean book is too expensive considering I can only make use so little of it. I hope New Ganada or Ewha will suit me better. Or maybe I’ll just stop using textbooks altogether, just read native material like nonfiction books and news.


  3. I remember finding a partial scan of a Yonsei textbook and had some difficulty using it, but I didn’t know if it was because I didn’t give the book more of a chance or if it just didn’t match my learning style. It’s why I decided to pick up Ewha’s textbooks instead and just use Yonsei’s reading books. I’m still turning around and thinking like ._. 😐 .-. |: on if I want to try their textbooks. I may not after falling in love with Ewha’s. XD


  4. I totally agree with darkfire382. Yonsei Reading series is much more useful and interesting than the Yonsei textbook.
    I think I will spend money on Korean novels and life handbooks. They are cheaper than textbooks and also provide more practical vocabulary and grammars.


  5. So few books for learning Korean are meant for self-study. And the ones that are, don’t have enough exercises for my taste. I wish there was a textbook with a lot of exercises and an answer key. Otherwise I read a grammar point, think I memorized it, and then forget it two days later.


    • Oh that’s so true… That’s why I buy Japanese books, more choices for self study. I’ve heard that Active Korean series is good for self-study, and the series has workbooks, too. But I never use it so I don’t know for sure.


  6. I only enjoy learning Korean with the Korean grammar and vocabulary practice series by Yonsei.
    I hate classroom and these series are very powerful for self-learners. I have passed TOPIK grade 2 after studying the beginner level. Soon TOPIK grade 3 hehe!


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