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I had been using the flash cards function of my offline dictionary on my smartphone to review new vocabulary, but yesterday I reached the maximal amount of cards I could make on it. Didn’t know there was a limit…

Anyway, I had to find a new way to review, so I tried Anki app on Android. You see I memorize Korean words with Japanese translation so I had to switch keyboards back and forth between Korean and Japanese to make one flash card… and it’s just impossible to do on my smartphone. So Anki didn’t work. I suppose I can make cards on my laptop and sync them to my smartphone, but I couldn’t find how to do that. I uninstalled Anki.

The next option I could think of was Quizlet for Android. And it’s awesome!

I use Facebook to log in and I find all my old flash cards are still there. (Ugh, I already forgot these words.)

So, with Quizlet, I can make flash card sets on my laptop and review them with my smartphone. Thank you, Quizlet developer who makes it available for free.

Quizlet on Android

Quizlet on Android

↑These are new sets I made on Quizlet yesterday.
I studied:
Block B’s new song, Be the Light (빛이 되어줘),
2 new grammars from Korean Grammar Practice for Foreigners – Advanced Level,
and a short essay from the book 秘密にしていた話 (감춰두었던 이야기).
34 new words in total.

(Yaay… Block B is back!) ###


5 thoughts on “Back to Quizlet

  1. I don’t know Quizlet, but it looks interesting.
    I have used Anki(Droid). To transfer your flashcards to your phone, you can export a deck (or several decks). This option is in the file menu in the program on Windows and Ubuntu. I have not used the Mac program, so I don’t know how it works there. This will create a *.apkg file that you can copy to your phone. On the android app (Ankidroid) you can then import this file.



    • Thank you for the tips. I actually tried this but Anki didn’t read the apkg file. Does it have to be somewhere specific? Maybe I’ll try AnkiDroid again later. Quizlet is not offline but it has games to help remember words.


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