Vocabulary from “Men in Black” by M.I.B (엠아이비 – 들이대)

I love M.I.B. ^^

Words I learned from the song Men In Black (들이대):
붙들어매다, 멋대로, 심다, 기립(起立)하다, 어리버리하다 (slang word), 거래처, 내숭떨다,
두드리다, 머리를 굴리다, 들이대다.

Still not sure what 들이대 means. A Japanese blog says it means かかって来い (“come and attack me because I’m ready for you”)。Pop!gasa says it means “dash” (What is “dash”? Like “run toward me”?).

붙들어매다 = to rein in, to tie up
머리 아픈 걱정은 붙들어매. = Rein in your worries that hurt your head.

멋대로= as one like
멋대로 해 = Do as you like.

심다 = to plant
기억을 심어줄게. = I’ll plant a memory in your head.

저리 치워 = Put that away.

기립(起立)하다 = to rise to one’s feet
모두를 기립하게 하는 파바로티 Flow = Pavarotti Flow that makes everyone rise.

어리버리하다 = clumsy, prone to mistakes (slang word)
모두 어리버리하기만해. = Everyone is just so clumsy.

거래처 = customer (I learned 거래처 first from a TOPIK question, finally remember it.)
이곳이 오늘밤과 나의 거래처. = This place is tonight’s and my customer.

내숭떨다 = to pretend innocence
맘에 안들어, 내숭떠는 니 태도.= I don’t like it, your playing innocence.

두드리다 = hit on keyboard
머리를 굴리다 = to use your brain
계산기 두드리면서 머리 굴려도 돼. = It’s OK to use calculator and use your head. ###


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