Copying a Book to Practice Writing



I was copying hangul texts while watching live Music Bank on my handphone. (GD won!)

Writing hangul is a new thing for me. Turned out it’s fun and it really helps. ;P I’m not going to keep my scribble, but I can see writing helps me memorize hangul spelling and gives me confidence to write.

But of course I should write, I can’t expect myself to be able to write by just reading and listening, can I? I need to do the act of writing in order to be able to write.

But to write in Korean from scratch is hard to do consistently.

I can rely on Korean people on Lang-8 to correct my writing, and they are helpful, but to be honest, I never remember their corrections. I don’t know why.

Besides, before I get a lot of input by reading and listening natural Korean, I’m bound to make weird Korean sentences.

I remember one day when I found my old Japanese writing from 15 years ago, they were all still terrible even after my sensei corrected them. I feel sorry for her. I think she gave up at some point.

So I say… why bother? Just copy native Korean, memorize enough words and sentence patterns, and make my own variations from there later. Just copy, no need to be creative.

The book I’m copying: 아침부터 저녁까지 쓰는 영어표현 700, an English phrasebook for Korean. I can’t really recommend it because it’s a book to learn English (the audio CD is mostly in English, there must be better books to learn Korean out there) but I like that I can learn Korean words for daily life from it. I learned words like 걸레 (rag), 대걸레 (mop), 섬유 유연제 (softener), and 욕실의 곰팡이를 제거해요 (I clean off the mold in the bathroom). I didn’t know them before. These words never came up!

I’m going to copy the entire book. Just 10 short chapters, actually. 화이팅! ###

Copying a Book to Practice Writing”에 대한 3개의 생각

  1. I used to have a habit of copying the model reading passages or conversations from the textbooks. It is a great method to remember new words and the writing style of Koreans. But then I realized that it took me a lot of time to write down on the notebook and my hand became so tired. Therefore, I decided to type them on the computer. It is faster and more convenient. ^^


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