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Yesterday I posted a question on an internet forum for Korean learners. I wrote that I’m self-studying and I wanted advice on which textbook I should get for level 5. I got many replies, and based on the replies, I decided on Ganada Korean Advanced 1, but the problem is the book is not available anywhere (품절=sold out) so now I’ll just wait for the revised version to be published and finish Yonsei’s Korean Grammar Practice for Foreigners – Advanced first. ↓


One thing that I like about the internet forum is that nobody scolds me for not relying on teachers and schools. Most people in the forum are self-learners, just like me. They’re really nice and eager to give advice to each other.

This is really different from an internet forum that I was a member of, where some random people always tried to convince me that my effort in self-studying was useless. They laughed at me and got furious, even.

Sometimes I think that school is like a religion for some people, they truly believe that you cannot learn a foreign language without attending a school or having a teacher teaches you. And because I don’t believe in the same religion, they call me “stupid” and “arrogant”. They probably think I’m attacking their belief or something.  I don’t know.

We call people that don’t share our religion and beliefs as “arrogant”, I guess that’s just what humans do.

Well, they can keep their religion, I’ll keep mine. My religion says you can master Korean on your own by studying in your bedroom.

My point is, I guess you need to choose people you spend your time with, even on the internet. Hang out with nice people. 😀 ###


22 thoughts on “Internet Forum

  1. OMG THIS. Some people really do act like school is a religion- if it’s not done the way they think is right or the way that was told to them to be right, IT’S WRONG. -.- I like self-studying and then going to someone if I need help. I can move at my own pace, I can learn the way that’s best for me, and sometimes school makes things stop being fun if you work too hard. I don’t care how “impossible” or “crazy” it is to self-study. I’ve been a weird little work of art since day one so “impossible” and “crazy” fit me. XD I want the challenge. *-*


    • I was just confused that people got mad at me. School or no school, it’s a personal choice. Both have merits and demerits. I prefer self-study, though. School was never fun for me. Teachers teach what they want to teach, never what I want to learn. I don’t want to recreate the experience, especially because now I have to pay for myself.


    • They got mad at you? o.o How dare you accomplish things? Who do you think you are making progress in a way that I’m close-minded to?

      (I couldn’t help myself. I had to do it.)


    • Yes, how dare I? LOL. I’m far from fluent but you’ve made my day. Thanks. It’s always people who are struggling at very low level who get mad at me saying school is superior than self study (where’s their proof?). Maybe people who are at advanced level know that their success is mostly due to self study.


    • Yay for making your day. 😀
      This is true. I’ve noticed that most of the people who say that are at a low level and swear by Rosetta Stone (don’t get me started on that XD) and people at an advanced level need to do the learning and immersion themselves. At that point, they know what they do and don’t need to do.

      Good advanced Korean classes aren’t easy to find outside of Korea. I’ve also noticed that there are so few advanced classes or few seats in them. Same for books but in terms of reviews. Lots of people talking about book 1 but complete silence once it’s book 5.


    • Advanced classes could be hard to find. How about finding a native Korean and have one-on-one session? Take summer classes in Korea? My plan is only study until I can watch KBS World without subtitles.


    • Haha, that’s like my plan too. Study until I can watch thing without subtitles. Well actually since I’m majoring in the language my goal should be different, but hey as long as I’m motivated. XD The day I can take classes in another country… TToTT


    • Not that I know of. OTL To do the Korean major, I’ll have to go to different colleges. I go to a college that belongs to CUNY (City University of New York) which consists of a number of colleges under the CUNY system. Depending on the major, students can take classes at the different colleges with a permit. I’d need to check with the others. I believe just one has Korean classes. T^T


  2. I may be a part of that ‘religion’ since I only experienced self-studying for a short time, and started learning legitly when I started classes. But I won’t in any way get furious about it when some others don’t prefer studying through classes, because that’s just ridiculous. Actually classes can be super helpful because grammar points and words are too complex and there might be different nuances that you can’t find instantly the moment you learn about something. There are various ways on how to tell something in Korean, but without a native teacher’s guidance, it would take time for someone to figure them out. That was what I loved about classes. I don’t do advanced studying because more or less, I’ll definitely experience self studying when my school stops providing higher levels of Korean. I want a lesson to be instilled correctly in my mind first time I learn it, so if I do advanced study and find out that I learned it improperly *though not super incorrectly* it would feel a bit frustrating. But for now, I can say that classes are as helpful as self-studying, and as always, to each its own 🙂

    PS. We have the old 가나다 Advanced in our library, but I’m not too sure if I have time to take pictures of the book page-per-page but I just know that it’s written in full Korean and the way the book goes is super different from Level 1 to Level 4 books. I hope you find the book soon because I really like the 가나다 series 🙂


    • Take page-per-page pictures of the book for me? You’re too kind. No… don’t bother yourself. Thank you. 🙂 I saw the picture of book covers of the new advanced version in the intermediate books so I’m sure they will come out soon. Maybe in 2014. I can wait. I’m a textbook collector, I still have other books for advanced level.

      You’re probably doing good at school, but don’t forget that people are failing at school, too (maybe most people). Just because a teacher explains, it doesn’t mean a student will understand it instantly. It will take time to understand, whether you go to school or self study. If you self study, you’ll have enough money to buy 5 books, and you can have 5 kind of explanations, 5 different approaches from 5 different teachers to explain 1 grammar rule.

      The belief that you can’t learn anything without school is crippling. When I was in Japan I met people who believed they couldn’t learn Japanese without going to school, and that’s why they stayed in Japan for 5-10 years, surrounded by the language 24/7, but couldn’t speak Japanese at all. I think they subconsciously refused to learn. A belief is a powerful thing.


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