How Many Years to Master Korean?

I have three Korean grammar dictionaries.

Korean grammar dictionaries. I have three!

How many years needed to master Korean?

글쎄요. I give myself 5 years because I think it’s somewhat a realistic number for me. I use TOPIK as standard for basic, intermediate, and advanced level.

3 months to finish basic level. (Done.)
2 years to finish intermediate level. (Done.)
3 years to finish advanced level. (I’m doing this now, year 1.)

So the plan is I’m going to take -and pass!- TOPIK Advanced in 2016. So far away but I don’t want to overburden myself because my Korean is still “아직 멀었어요”. In the real meaning. Not being humble or anything.

My plan is I will just study every day, experiment with methods and learning tools, review grammars and words, and have fun with the language all the way, like I’ve been doing these last 2 years.

How about you? ###

5 thoughts on “How Many Years to Master Korean?

  1. For me, I won’t have any idea, not until I can finally get immersed with Koreans and don’t have any difficulties. Right now even if I’m done with Elementary level, I still can’t hear properly during normal circumstances, and can’t think spontaneously. In written language, I can say I’m Elementary at best, but in terms of mastery, I can say… hmmm, I give myself five more years.


  2. I think that is a good plan! When I think of myself how long to master Korean? I don’t have a number. Rather, I think 5 years is a good marker if you are a serious student. When I think of having first started learning the language in 2005 and it has now been 8 years since then…I realize I wasn’t a serious student. No dedication and thus I am now at an unknown level which is the purpose of the intermediate TOPIK exam. But from here forward within the next 3 years if I can convey how I feel, express my emotions and sarcasm like I do in English then that would be a huge achievement for me. 화이팅! You can definitely do it!


    • Thank you for the encouragement and sharing your story. Wow, 8 years. That’s a dedication because I’m worried that I might stop learning altogether for lack of motivation. I wonder how many years people spend studying in 어학당. Can’t be 5 years, too long, and that’s a lot of money spent on school fee…?


    • Your welcome, I think as a self-learner the journey is sometimes longer, as it depends on your age and circumstances of what you can devote to learning. If I think back and added up all the time i seriously studied it would be less than a year. But I haven’t had the opportunities to take language classes and I’m not the most disciplined self-learner. But I know I will get there someday! I think its okay to not study seriously just watch some korean tv shows or listen to kpop its not your typical learning but still engages you in the language. I think it doesnt matter how good your grammar or vocab is, if you can’t hold a conversation in the language you are missing an important link. Lol that would be too much money! I prefer the cheap way hehe


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