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Win a Korean fairy tale book 선녀와 나무꾼 (The Fairy and the Wood Cutter) with audio CD at twoChois Lucky Draw! ###



다들 잘 지내셨나요?

서울은 비가 주룩주룩 내리고 있어요. 갑자기 겨울같아요.

한국 놀러오실 분들은, 따뜻하게 입고 오세요~

자, 그럼 스물 두 번째 Lucky Draw도 많은 관심 부탁드려요- >_<

The book is suitable for upper intermediate to advanced level learners.

All written in Korean and it contains audio CD.

Book Info.

선녀와 나무꾼

선녀와 나무꾼

ISBN: 978-89-6567-176-3  /  29 pages  / Size : 190 x 220 mm

This book is from “Little Classic Book” Series published by 예림아이.

This series contains 20 Korean fairytale(전래동화) stories and each book has audio CD in it.

However, books are all written in Korean and originally written for Korean children(age 4~7).

Suitable for upper intermediate to advanced learners.

Great and affordable series as reading material. 🙂

** Preview images of the book. (Click the image to see bigger size)

예림아이- 선녀와 나무꾼 preview
 예림아이- 선녀와 나무꾼 preview
예림아이- 선녀와 나무꾼 preview
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