Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper Clipping

Newspaper Clipping

Here’s an idea I stole from this Japanese site, which I think is useful to make sure you read at least one news article in Korean every day no matter how busy you are: newspaper clippings.

1. Prepare a notebook or maybe your schedule book that you always bring in your bag.
2. Glue a news article to your book.

(Print out your article-of-the-day from the internet or cut it out if you got it from a real newspaper or make a copy of an article from a magazine with the photocopy function on your printer).

3. Highlight new vocabulary and write the meaning there.
4. Review.

If you’re not feeling too crafty, you can just print out an article from the internet, highlight words, write your notes on it, and keep it neatly in a file folder.

So the idea is, you pick something to read in the morning, study it in your spare time during the day, and review at the end of the day.

At the end of the month, you’ll probably have 20~60 pages of news articles (or 20~60 K-pop song lyrics haha), you’ll learn tons of new words, and you’ll establish a new habit of reading and reviewing Korean every day. ###


10 thoughts on “Newspaper Clippings

  1. I often do that but problem is I never feel crafty so like you suggested I print it out take it with me in a book read it in the car often then loose it ㅠㅠ I dunno why but I always loose it and you would think that writing is better but I had a notebook that I went half-way through writing my favourite lyrics in and then I lost it haha (don’t ask whats wrong with me I dunno >.<)

    I had to start a new one and now I keep it on my shelf in my study I never take it to my room cos I know if I do I will just loose it again! Like my first Korean notebook from 2010 (lost it in my bedroom)

    Haha. Thanks for the post 🙂


    • 2010? If I kept something from 2010, I would have forgotten that I owned it the first place. I guess you know where to get your material again if you lose it. I’m not very organized, either. Just read every day?


  2. Thank you so much. It is really an interesting idea. I still haven’t tried reading the Korean news yet. Most of the time, I stalked SNSD’s instagram and learned some Korean phrases from their status day by day. I will try to read some Korean news from now on. ^^


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  4. I realised the same thing just yesterday when i started searching 위키백과 (essentially Wikipedia Korea/n) for information on Korean variety programs 😀 and today I read your post about newspaper clippings! Printing out news articles at Naver etc could work too 😛


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