Learning Korean from Audiobook

Hangul Essay
I’m in the middle of reading a bilingual book (Korean-Japanese). It’s a compilation of 14 short essays about the author’s experience as a Korean living in Japan. The essays are beautifully written -I really enjoy them so far- and it has an audio CD, read by the author himself. The most important thing is the almost literal word-by-word translation, so even though this book is meant for advanced learners, it’s not daunting for me to read it.

I use the book the same way I learn from K-pop songs.
-I examine sentence by sentence, word by word.
-I look up for words and grammars I don’t know on Naver dictionary and my grammar dictionary.
-I save the new words in my word list apps (Quizlet, Anki, or 단어장 on Naver dictionary) so I can review them again later.
-I save the audio files to my smartphone and listen until I can understand relying on my ears only.
-I read aloud to myself and do shadowing, just like when I sing to a K-pop song.

Hangul Essay

And I do check how many new words I’ve learned for the day from the apps. I know it doesn’t really matter but I just like seeing those numbers. It’s like playing a video game. “You’ve just memorized 37 new words. Power UP! Level UP!”
I get excited to know that I’m becoming just a little bit stronger to beat the strongest monster at the end of the journey. ###

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