Android Apps

Here is the list of Android apps that can help you learn Korean:

1. Naver Dictionary (I use both the Korean and the Japanese ones)
2. Daum Dictionary
3. DioDict (offline and not free, but I got mine free from my LG phone)

Translation Machine
4. Google Translate
5. Excite Korean Translator/エキサイト韓国語翻訳 (Korean-Japanese only)

6. TuneIn Radio (search “Seoul” to listen to radio stations in South Korea, or “K-Pop”, etc.)
7. SayCast (K-pop songs only)
8. MBC mini
9. Arirang Radio (in English, lots of talk shows, interviews with K-pop stars)
10. SBS

11. KBS World TV
12. Arirang TV

13. Google Play Books (search for a term in Korean to find Korean books)

Flash Card
14. Quizlet

15. 네이버 15개국 글로벌회화 – 언어별 2000 문장
16. EBS Travel English
(Huge ,and actually meant for Koreans to learn English, but I like them.)

17. Naver Webtoon
18. Daum Webtoon

Chatting Robot
19. SimSimi

If you have technical problems with the apps, don’t ask me, I can’t help you. ^^;
And if you have recommendations, please tell me in the comment section. Thank you. ###

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