My Family

Pasar Ahpoong, Sentul City, Bogor is the name of the place my husband took me yesterday. It’s a beautiful park with a food court over a river. I think “Eat & Eat” is the name of the food court. It’s a nice place and the food was delicious but people littered everywhere and I couldn’t relax at a place with so much trash. And there were some shameless, inconsiderate people who smoked cigarettes at the tables. And crying babies. And the lines for every food stall were very long… I was starving. My children weren’t fussy, though. They just played and enjoyed themselves, their cheeks turned so red like apples.

Oops… I made it sound horrible, but like I said, it’s a nice place, it’s worth visiting if you travel to West Java. Nearby, there’s a huge amusement park, called Jungle Land, but the tickets were too expensive for a short, unplanned visit, so we decided to come back someday in the near future.

We went to 2 other city parks after that, but I was too tired so I just waited in the car to read my Korean essay book. My husband asked why would I read an essay book, I’m not going to gain anything from it. I answered, I read about the author’s perspective of life so I can change the way I see my own life, so this essay book actually changes my life and teaches me new ways to be happy. He laughed and said he wasn’t convinced. But he left me alone with my book, and took our children to play. It was a great day.

By the way, I took notice of the not-so-meaningful conversation because my husband made zero comment when I put up posters of Korean male singers in our bedroom.

He also said nothing about the photo-card of CNU of B1A4 in my purse. I always giggle whenever I open my purse and see it there. My children always laugh, too, they make comments like, “Mama, why is he naked?”

CNU in My Purse

My family is awesome. I suppose other husbands would get angry and be jealous and other children would be embarrassed so I’m really grateful that my family understands me and accepts my weird hobby: learning Korean for my love of cute K-pop boys.

Well, I guess if Mama is happy, everyone is happy. ###


3 thoughts on “My Family

    • It was a nice day. Thanks. A bilingual book Korean-Japanese with audio CD. Too bad Korean publishers don’t make books like this for Korean learners, other than children stories. There are Yonsei Reading series, but without translation.


  1. Hello there ^^

    I came across your blog when I search information about ah poong market.
    it’s quite helpful for my fam to decide our destination tomorrow. ThanKYU

    but what prompted me to greet you is the fact that we share the same *cough*fetish*cough* for cute k-pop boys XD
    although my case is a bit different. my infatuation is focus solely on suju … been in love since 2008 ~ and never managed to fall out of love from them. in fact, my daughter (she’s 12 now) also adores them and not interested in any other groups. Since I’m way older than you ~~ i feel like a pedo if i like these new groups, coz they’re sooooo young, unlike suju .. LoL
    my suju collections (cd, dvd, official / non official merchandises) is even more then when I was a teenage and liking NKOTB #kriiiiik

    well, anyway .. as long as hubby doesn’t mind, right hehe

    Lee Pepe


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