20 Times

망고과 한국어 교과서

망고와 한국어 교과서

I’m still reading the Korean essay book I started reading last week. I finished essay no. 10 today. Four more before I finish the book. But the problem is, when I listened to essay no. 1 again, I found that I had forgotten most of the new words that I memorized a week ago.

The realization made me a little down. I asked myself whether my effort was useless and where I did wrong. What’s the point of studying if I forget everything? Should I re-read everything from the beginning?

But then I read on someone’s blog that he studies every lesson in his textbook for 20 times or even more before he moves on to the next lesson.

20 times!

That could work.

I probably won’t read the essays that many times but now I realize the silliness of expecting myself to remember everything by reading only 1 time. Yes, I think 20 times will work.

From now on, I will read every chapter with the intention of reading it for 20 times. ###

20 Times”에 대한 7개의 생각

    • Thanks for the advice. That’s exactly why it’s hard to remember them, they’re hard to reproduce on my own. Words like 눈송이 or 수도승 never cross my mind. I live in Indonesia, by the way. 20 times is an advice for people with bad memory like me. If one time doesn’t work, do it 20 times. 😉


  1. Yeah, that’s a big problem I’ve had. I always just want to get through things. No patience. I’ve found out a different approach that tells me to write out all of the examples many times so I know it backwards and forwards.


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