Stitcher Radio

PodcastsStitcher Radio is a free app to stream podcasts. Lots of interesting podcasts in English available but you can use it to listen to Korean podcasts, too. Download Stitcher here:

Once you download it, open it, and click the button on upper left (Front Page). Click “Browse Shows”. Scroll down to find “World & International”, click it. Scroll down to find “Korean: News & Politics”, and “Korean: Society & Culture”.

The good thing about this app is that you can stream podcasts and no need to download audio files first to listen. But you can also download the podcasts to listen offline.

Podcasts that I listen to with Stitcher:
1. 슈퍼주니어의 키스 더 라디오
2. 윤하의 별의 빛나는 밤에
3. 유인나의 볼륨을 높여요
4. 이근철의 굿모닝 팝스
5. 신동의 심심타파
6. 라디오 독서실
7. KBS무대
The same podcasts I listen with iTunes.

By listening to these podcasts, I realize that I understand very little and I can only understand things that I have already learned by reading. It’s impossible for me to learn new words just by listening or by guessing from context, I don’t have enough vocabulary to do that. Besides, I wouldn’t know the correct spelling of the unknown words to look up their meaning in dictionary.

So… listening to Korean podcasts helps me get used to the sound and intonation of the language, and help me reinforce what I already learned, but achieving fluency only by listening to Korean all day long is impossible, guys. Showering yourself with Korean sound all the time is great, but we still need to study… you know, with books and dictionaries? 우리 열심히 공부해요~ ###


6 thoughts on “Stitcher Radio

  1. Hello!
    I found out your blog recently and I really like reading it 🙂
    I like kpop too and I like watching korean dramas.I also would like to learn korean but first I really want to learn japanese.
    I started a few months ago but reading about grammar and writing it,but if I don’t review recently I forget about things.I haven’t studied japanese for about 10 days and it feels I don’t know anything at all.My college exams are soon so I’m busy studying.
    But I really hope that I’ll be able to learn japanese this time with persistence.
    After this I really want to learn korean 🙂
    Do you watch k dramas?


    • Thank you for reading. If you learn Japanese for fun, persistence will take care of itself. I don’t really watch K-dramas, just take a glimpse now and then when I watch KBS, but I don’t follow the story. Good luck with exams and Japanese learning!


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