How Long Do You Study?


This is like the most asked question. How many hours a day are needed to learn Korean? How much do you study Korean every day?

Let’s see…

It’s entirely up to you, of course. You get to decide that for yourself. I think the more time you invest, the quicker you’ll master Korean, but you don’t want to make yourself burn out, you don’t want to make yourself allergic to the language that you take very long breaks in between. I think it’s safe to say 15 minutes to 2 hours every day will suffice. By studying, I mean to really sit down and study, with your books open and Naver online dictionary ready.

But I don’t include the hours I listen to K-pop and any other form of Korean entertainment I enjoy whenever I get the chance during the day.

I stop studying the moment I see my word list reaches 50, more or less. I tell myself, it’s enough studying for today, now get up and go do something else. Fifty is my limit. And there are days when I just memorize 5 new words and nothing more. But I never take a day off. That’s because I don’t think of studying Korean as a chore. I think of my study time as an escapism, a thing I do to take a break from other things in life. Motivation and discipline is never an issue because studying Korean is an escapism for me, like coffee. Who needs motivation and discipline to drink coffee?

By the way, I memorized 53 words from this picture book today. 53. Wow. I just feel very good about myself. ;P

안녕히 주무세요. ###


7 thoughts on “How Long Do You Study?

  1. That question really does get asked a lot. I never understood how hours in and out of a classroom can be a “good” estimate of someone’s level (Ex.: 500+ hours = intermediate or something) because everyone studies different things and has their own methods. I’ll admit I’ve asked in the past, “How long does it take to learn Spanish,” when I was studying it and, “How many hours should I put into my personal study schedule,” but I’ve noticed it all comes down to efficient study every day.

    I’ve been reading this book (Read Real Japanese: Essays) and in about 30 minutes on the train I got through one page. One page/30min. doesn’t sound like a lot to some people, but it was a lot for me and I got to pick up a lot of vocab and grammar from it. I could spend another 30 minutes reading through my textbook, but I may not get anything from it. Some people can spend an hour and get a lot in but others may spend an hour and get a little in. It really all comes down to spending time doing something that works for you and moving at your own pace.

    I definitely need to try to study every day though. It’ll help me a lot. I tend to put my lovely language studies at the end of my task list and end up neglecting them. ;-; If I continue doing that, it’ll keep hindering me though so it’s time for a change. *-*


    • Sure, we’re all different. Given the same 30 minutes, we won’t get the same result, we won’t even want to learn the same stuff, but I think it’s always OK to get what we get. Enjoying the 30 minute study time is more important. I enjoy the feeling that I know a little more about Korean language than I did yesterday.

      Isn’t that a book for advanced learners? One page/30 minutes sounds about right to me. I want it. Maybe I’ll buy it at Book Depository next month.


    • “Enjoying the 30 minute study time is more important.” I think a lot of people forget this. Instead, who cares how long it takes you to learn the language? Take your time and enjoy. But don’t over-study. I did that yesterday, haha. While I was making Japanese notes, my door was open and I can hear my mom’s TV. I thought Japanese was coming out of it so I had to go all the way into her room and stop and listen for a good minute before I could pick up English words. OTL

      To me, the book is more intermediate or even high-intermediate. There’s no way I’d be able to understand as much as I do from it if it was advanced. XD


    • But the essays are written by famous authors… maybe you just haven’t realized that “real Japanese” is not that hard or you’re advanced enough without knowing it… haha. I misheard people speech as Korean, too. How does that happen? ^^


    • Sweet baby Poseidon o.o maybe I do understand more than I think I do. TToTT

      Haha maybe our brains juat default to the wrong language at the wrong time. XD I can’t count how many times I spoke Japanese or Korean to mom and noticed a minute later.


  2. To me I never time myself if I did I was always say it was too little 😀 but I always think that being consistent in more than enough ^^ follow a system and if you follow it consistently then it should serve you well. You will get to where you wanna be.

    50 words is your limit? Wow. I would probably have a sore arm on a regular day (in fact I have one today lolol)

    thanks for the post I enjoyed reading it 🙂


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