A Belief About Yourself

가나다 Korean Intermediate 2

I once had a friend who had a doctoral degree in computer science (I lost contact with him and I doubt that I can still call him my friend). I remember he said that he could never get anything done if there weren’t deadlines attached to the tasks.

I think if you’re educated at school, where you’re forced to study things that you’re not even interested in, sooner or later you’re going to believe that you’re totally helpless, that you’re a loser who couldn’t do things you’re supposed to do on your own or without supervision. I was surprised that even a Ph.D couldn’t escape from that belief about himself. I think he just never gave it another thought.

But I did. And my conclusion was I was not helpless, I did important, real tasks that needed to be done even without deadlines.

If you believe that about yourself: I just won’t sit and study if a scary teacher doesn’t give me homeworks and tests, it’s going to be hard to self-study Korean. If you believe that, all you’re going to do is prove to yourself over and over again that you’re right: that you really are helpless, lazy, and lacking motivation. A belief is a powerful thing.

You need to question that belief and think of ways how you can be responsible with your learning, how you can “hack” your learning. And because like everything else, the only way to be good at self-studying Korean is to do it, as you do it, slowly you can prove to yourself that you are actually able to study something important, like Korean language, on your own.

1. And even with deadlines, I just won’t do things I don’t perceive as important. ;P
2. I like that term: “to hack”, I understand it as “to find new practical and clever ways to do something” but I’m not really sure haha. ###

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