My Mother and One Ok Rock Concert

When I just started learning Korean, I learned many Korean words by reading Lee Hong Gi’s tweets because FTISLAND was the first Korean idol group (well… band) that I liked. And I knew ONE OK ROCK the first time from one of Lee Hong Gi’s tweets. Lee Hong Gi is such a huge fan of the Japanese rock band that he often tweets about it.

“ONE OK ROCK is in Korea… I’m in Japan… LOL. But it’s OK because I saw them in person yesterday. Fighting!”

I also became a fan of ONE OK ROCK and I’m so excited that they will come to Jakarta as part of their Asia tour this week! Kyaaa…! 本当にTakaさんたちに会えるの?! 진짜 진짜 꿈만 같아! OK, calm down. It’s not happening yet.

Now, the problem is who am I going to ask to take care of my children if I go to the concert with my husband on Sunday night? The 2 options are either my mother or my husband’s aunt. Of course I’m going with my mother, what will my husband’s aunt say when I tell her that I will leave my children so I can go see a Japanese rock band?

So I sent SMS texts to my mother, who lives in another city, asking her to come to take care of my children for the concert night. My mother replied ‘yes’, but she said she was worried that my 10-year-old daughter would be angry if she stayed for too long. I thought my mother was not serious about it, but later she told me she had ordered plane tickets so she could stay at my place for a week. A week. Only. Because she was afraid that my daughter would be mad at her.

I thought she would stay for at least a month. I was mad. Just for a moment. But I was.

I wanted to scream, “Mom, why would you listen to a 10-year-old? She’s not paying for plane tickets! Why do you never listen to me? Damn it, you always do this. I’m never important to you.” Yeah, past childhood hurts.

I got to my senses quickly, though. It’s not my business who she chooses to listen to. To be honest, I never listen to my mother, either.
It’s not true that I’m not important to her. She’s willing to make a trip just so I can go to a concert. I cried at the realization.

I texted her,”Thank you, Mom. I’ll go pick you up at the airport on Wednesday.”

She replied,”OK. Don’t be mad.” ###


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