My New Korean Books

I was really excited when I saw “Korean Grammar In Use – Advanced – Japanese Version” in recently published books section on Darakwon website. Korean grammar books for advanced level with translation are hard to find. And it’s in Japanese! With 3 audio CDs! I had no choice but to buy it.

I remembered there was also this children fairy tale book with audio CD, 공주 이야기, published by Samsung Books that I wanted to read.

So where do you go to request for Korean books? Right,, of course. *This is not a sponsored blogpost.

I left comments on twoChois’ blog to request for the books, not even a properly worded e-mail, and I was surprised that not long after I found them already available for purchase on their website. 早っ!

I wanted to add a 7-dollar picture book of Korean traditional story (with audio CD) to my shopping cart, but I figured the total price with shipping fee was a little over my budget, so… I deleted it. Sorry, maybe next time.

I chose registered airmail for shipping and checked the whereabouts of my package every day. I knew it would arrive in 2 weeks, but I just checked it online every day like it was some kind of a compulsive behaviour.

Anyway, then this letter came.

Post Office

What is this?

… was the first thing crossed my mind when I saw it under the door.

So it seemed that the customs had felt a need to check my package, assessed the total value of it, and concluded that it was free from any custom taxes. I just had to bring 7000 rupiah to the post office within 7 days if I still wanted it, otherwise, my package would be sent back to the sender.  I wonder why they didn’t just deliver it and let me pay at my house, it’s not a big amount of money, and why they didn’t bother to write the address or phone number of the post office… I don’t even know where the post office is… I will have to ask somebody.

I asked my husband and he agreed to get my package so I didn’t have to go by myself by taxi. But he was busy for days. Finally, yesterday he took a half-day off from work to pick up my mother who flew here, and to get my package, and to get a birthday cake for our son.

When I saw it, I understood why the custom officer was suspicious. The box was huge. It could contain a kit to build a bomb or something. No, I mean it could value more than the 50-dollar limit so they would need to have me pay for import taxes.

So this is what I bought: Korean Grammar in Use – Advanced Level – Japanese Version. English Version will come out real soon. At least that’s what’s written on

実用韓国語文法 上級

This book looks amazing. Very thick, about 400 pages, in full-color, bilingual explanation, lots of conversations and exercises, with 3 audio CDs. I really can’t wait to study with it. The cover even says that it is “for self-studying Korean” (韓国語の独学のために). See? The authors acknowledge that it’s possible to get to advanced level by self-studying. Which means, I’m not weird.


This one is Korean CD book, 공주이야기 (Tales of Princesses), it’s a colorful picture book, 18 stories with 70-minute audio CD. I really like the book series. I already have 구연 동화 and 전래 동화. Not hard, but I still learn a lot of new words. The audio is really good, the kind that is enacted animatedly by voice actors, not boring monotone kind. I stored the audio in my smartphone and listen to the stories repeatedly.
공주이야기공주이야기 CD

I was super thrilled when I found this book, as a bonus!
팥죽 할머니와 호랑이
The book I stopped myself from buying! They just gave it to me for free! So generous of them! The twoChois team is really awesome. It’s a perfect situation for this expression: 신경 써주셔서 감사합니다.

*Actually, I know no one Korean other than the twoChois team. And can I even say I “know” them, 微妙… 미묘하다.

This book is actually meant for Korean language (국어) subject at school,  at second grade in Korea, according to explanation inside the book. “국어 교과 연계. 2학년  2학기 듣기 말하기 1. 느낌을 나누어요.”
Even so, the onomatopoeia words in the book are TOPIK advanced level, so it’s difficult to memorize all of them in one sitting. Even though the story is short, you will need to read it more than once.

팥죽 할머니와 호랑이Korean Fairy Tale CD
Anyway, it’s a really good book to buy to “un-stuck” yourself. You know… if you’re self-studying, sometimes you feel “stuck”, you feel kind of rotten about your Korean. Finishing a short book is a good way to boost your morale. I mean, I do that for myself. The audio CD is why you should buy this series. For improving listening skills, of course, but other than that, you can have the Korean childhood that you never had because you weren’t born Korean. *Not even funny or anything, but I’m not deleting this. I just love listening to children stories in Korean.

I think twoChois have the series for 15 dollar each, shipping fee included, if you don’t plan to buy anything else. 15 dollar for a Korean picture book and a CD, I think it’s a legitimate price. (PS: I’m not sure whether the promo is still available or not, though. You can ask twoChois.)

Next, I got High Cut tabloid as a bonus. 악한 강동원, “Bad Kang Dong Won”. Ah… 악하다 is 悪하다? なるほどね。I’ll read this later.

High Cut

For some reason, I find it easier to learn new words from magazines than from textbooks. They stick to my brain easier and last longer.

And these are something new. Two flyers for latest Korean movies. I do like reading real-life stuff like these. “No Breathing” and “Friend 2”.
Korean Movie Flyers

So that’s all. I only ordered 2 books but end up with a lot of stuff. Thank you, twoChois.

마지막으로 기념 사진 한장. 찰칵~
Korean Books



20 thoughts on “My New Korean Books

  1. Omg omg omg!! They came out with the advanced version?! I’m so excited!! I’m not even advanced but I still can’t wait to buy their English version when it comes out! lol I really enjoy their grammar series haha 😀


    • Thank you for reading! A book review, I plan to. Maybe within 2 months? It’s a thick book. But I can say it’s a must have for advanced learners. CD! Full color pages! Full translation! Examples of usage in conversation! Exercises! I say consider this one first before you get any other books for advanced level. ^^


    • I will get that book when I’m in advance level. I had a hard time explaining the grammars that I’m currently learning, and I read the descriptions about the lower levels and I find that I’ve learned mostly all those grammars, so I won’t need the lower level book, I’ll make sure to get the advanced level when I’m in it. I think that this book will be great for explaining those grammars as it has translations and sentences of those grammars, I assume! Thanks.


  2. PAUSE.

    KOREAN GRAMMAR IN USE ADAVANCED VER? SWEET MOTHER OF BABY POSEIDON THE PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. Sorry for the caps lock. >.> The funny thing is, I was just wondering about if and when the advanced one would be published and what colors they would use. I was guessing purple and pink and I was right! XD And woah, three audio CDs. Looking forward to your review once you’ve used it enough. ^^


    • I know, I chatted with some people about when the advanced one were going to be published since January last year. Now, finally. Yellow to green to purple, hmm… no I didn’t see it coming. You’re such a good guesser. Thanks, I’ll write a review and ask you to read it.


    • Yay.:D Oh, also, please do write on if learning the advanced points through Japanese make them clearer to understand vs. English.

      To me the color had to be somewhere in that purple/pink/red family. I was waiting for the odds to be against me and for them to do uhh… black and silver or something like that.


  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can believe that the Advanced level has come out!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to that book in advanced level for a long time. I hope the Korean-English will come out soon.
    By the way, does the book” KOrean grammar in use-advanced” have some overlapping grammar points with the book”Korean Grammar practice for foreigners-advanced”?


    • Yes, some grammars are explained in both books, but there are some who are not so get both! Haha. The books also use different approaches and different types of sample sentences to explain them. Korean Grammar in Use takes more practical approach (lots of conversation and exercises with a storyline, also CD), but Korean Grammar Practice focuses on giving you school-type grammar exercises (important for TOPIK, but boring haha).


  4. I have just checked again. The book”Korean Grammar practice for foreigners-advanced” is a little bit boring and it organizes the grammar points according to the ALPHABET which I don’t like >””< I hope that the English version will come out soon


  5. I have just checked again. The book”Korean Grammar practice for foreigners-advanced” is a little bit boring and it organizes the grammar points according to the ALPHABET which I don’t like >””< It maybe a good book to look up for grammar entries, but not a good book to study. I feel sleepy when studying this book.

    As for the book "Korean grammar in use-advanced”, it organizes the grammar points according to the usage, which is a very interesting and easy way to learn grammar. I hope that the English version will come out soon ^^


    • True, the Grammar Practice book is organized according to 가나다순. It becomes really boring when you’re not in the mood for answering test-type questions. Maybe you can approach the book like when you do cross-word puzzles for relaxation or some kind of brain exercises. I learn even more words from the questions. The Grammar in Use one is a must-have. I even think maybe I should get the previous levels, too.


  6. I’ve read your reviews for korean books you have and I really enjoy them!
    but I have a question: Do you have or read Yonsei Grammar practice for foreigners?
    and if yes, do you think which one is more practical Grammar Practice or grammar in use?
    I have grammar in use beginner and intermediate but I suppose grammar practice have some extra grammar point!
    I am in beginner level and want to study seriously but do’nt know if grammar in use series is enough or not!
    I also started to use Ehaw series too!

    Thank you very much!


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