One Ok Rock 2013 Who Are You ?? Who Are We?? Tour in Jakarta

ONE OK ROCK's concert

34歳にして、コンサート初体験 いぇーい (^^)v (My first concert at the age of 34.)

Last year I blogged that I really hoped I could watch ONE OK ROCK performing live before I die. I think God read my blog because yesterday I finally went to ONE OK ROCK’s concert in Jakarta with my husband.

We arrived early and could hear them rehearsing from outside the venue for a short while.

I was very excited and kept rambling to my husband, うそ!うそ!リハーサルが聞こえるってどういうこと?! キャー ワンオクがこんなに近くにいる!スゴイ!スゴイ! (OMG! OMG! Why can we hear the rehearsal? Kyaaa… ONE OK ROCK is so close! OMG! OMG!).

And then we found a spot where we could watch the rehearsal.
I screamed: Taka大好き!ワンオク最高!(I love Taka. ONE OK ROCK is the best.)
when they finished.

Crappy video of the rehearsal:

The gate was opened on 5.30. The show began on 8. The show lasted 1,5 hour.

ONE OK ROCK was amazing. Taka sang better live. Tooru, Ryota, and Tomoya performed better live. The live show was just as awesome as the live DVD I watched on YouTube, and even better because we got to see Taka’s muscle (ooh… someone has been working out…). I actually was skeptic when I watched the video on YouTube, thinking that it must be a result of good editing, but I was wrong, the real show was just as great! With the head bangings, high jumps, mic flying in the air, and all.

They spoke Indonesian and made audience laugh. It seemed that they had studied hard for Indonesian fans.

Crappy video of the last greetings:

It was actually not allowed to take videos and pictures and I got a warning from a security guard. ;P

On our way home, my husband kept saying Taka was so cool, his voice was amazing, the way he moved was amazing, he was so handsome, on and on. I think he fell in love with Taka.

Now I really want the DVD/Blu-ray of the concert tour but when I checked Amazon Japan, it seemed that the discs can’t be read with DVD/Blu-ray players in Indonesia. Not sure, though.

Deeper Deeper (ONE OK ROCK 2013 “Jinsei × Kimi =”TOUR LIVE&FILM) from the official channel:

Note to self:
next time, wear sneakers instead of high heels, and bring a backpack instead of handbag. ;P

Wait, will there be next time? I hope so. I want to see ONE OK ROCK’s concert again next year! Please come again to Indonesia! ###


9 thoughts on “One Ok Rock 2013 Who Are You ?? Who Are We?? Tour in Jakarta

    • I’m lacking vocabulary to describe how great it was. The audience was great, too. They sang along and cheered as if everyone had practiced for it. I loved being there. Such an epic experience. It was a dream come true for me. I hope they will come again. ^^
      I was touched that they spoke Indonesian. Ryota even sang the national anthem, Indonesia Raya, and when everyone sang along, he said,”Let’s stop here” in Indonesian language because the song was long. So funny.


  1. So cool! glad it was a good concert… sometimes they can flop; and it’s just so much more painful in heels haha. Btw, before I read the title, I immediately jumped to the first picture and, instead of reading “One OK Rock”, I read “Neon Crock” because the first part of the band’s name was hidden (okok.. it’s super early in the morning here in Canada, so please forgive me hahaha). As I read on I thought “I am definitely still asleep, I cannot believe I read that wrong”…

    and THEN… I read this “next time, wear sneakers instead of high heels”… and went back to my original thought that this concert MUST have been somehow related to “crocks” – those comfy rubber shoes – and you must have been the only one wearing heels, and that is why you suffered hahahaha.

    In any case, fun to read post hahaha. 🙂 Best wishes from Canada


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