Time to Exercise


Treadmill (Photo credit: yuan2003)

When I first started learning Korean, I thought Korean is just as “omnipresent” as English in Indonesia. Hallyu Wave is huge, with K-pop songs played on the radio, K-dramas on TV, Korean TV channels such as KBS World and Arirang are available, I have access to Korean books, and Korean goods at our local supermarket, it’s so easy to have contact with the language in my daily life in Indonesia. Plus, there is internet. I knew that success is guaranteed and only a matter of time. I will be able to master Korean as long as I don’t quit.

Now. I wish I could say the same thing about losing weight. ;P

Success is guaranteed as long as you don’t quit. ← Could it be just as true about loosing weight as it is about language learning?

Success is guaranteed. It’s only a matter of time you’ll lose the extra 10 kilograms. You will lose weight as long as you don’t quit. ← Could it be true? I don’t know. Maybe.

Maybe I can “bundle up” exercise time with my Korean study time as “one package”. I’ll exercise for 10 minutes before studying Korean every day. 오늘부터 시작할거야. (I’ll start today.) ###

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