Learning Log


I wanted to study but didn’t want to think too much, especially about complicated Korean grammar. (But you just bought Korean Grammar in Use! You lazy asdf#$%^).
I wanted to just sit and relax so I memorized words from Yonsei’s Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners – Advanced.

Saturday: reviewed 40 한자 idioms. Had forgotten all of them. (・。・;
Obviously, cramming alone doesn’t work without repetition/reviewing. (・。・)
Didn’t do 연습문제. Will do on Monday.

Sunday: read 31 words from Adverb 1 (부사 1).
I knew: 가령, 감히, 걸핏하면, 고작, 기꺼이, 다만, 도대체, 도저히, and 드디어.
I didn’t know: 가급적, 가까스로, 간신히, 간혹, 거듭, 고스란히, 고이, 곧잘, 구태여, 기껏, 기껏해야, 기어이, 기필코 (learned but forgotten), 끝내, 난데없이, 낱낱이, 누누이, 더불어, 덩그러니, 덮어놓고, 도리어, 도무지.
Will do 연습문제 on Monday. ###


4 thoughts on “Learning Log

  1. Hello!
    Its me again.
    Finally my exams are ending tomorrow. Phew
    It’s been almost a month I didn’t study any Japanese ;_: I feel like I’ve forgotten everything already T_T
    There is something I want to ask you.
    The greatest problem while learning japanese is I don’t know what to learn like I’m using e-books and free sites and videos stuff.
    I can only afford around an hour every day to learn japanese so can you tell me as to how I can balance learning grammar,phrases,kanji,vocabulary?
    I already learned hiragana and katakana,but I’m having a hard time to choose learning either grammar,phrases or vocabulary.
    So how do you balance between all these?


  2. I’m a little late to the party, but wow! I can understand that you’re doing the advanced TOPIK next while I’m still struggling with intermediate grammar. I was wondering how you manage with so much Korean studying as well as work? This upcoming semester I will be working two part-time jobs (in February just over 30 hours per week) while studying part-time at uni. I’m really impressed that you always seem so energetic while I sometimes feel like the bears got the better deal since they get to hibernate 🙂


    • Good luck with your study and part-time jobs. You must be so busy. Studying Korean is a relaxation activity for me, like playing computer games. I don’t think I study that much. I don’t have time management tips. I just decide my learning load and do it right then and there.


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