Native Korean Audio from twoChois

twoChois 님 kindly made this audio record for me. Listen!

[Sentences are taken from Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners – Advanced Level – English Version that I’m studying with.]

가르다 1. to divide 2. to cut with blade 3. to split

아이들이 편을 셋으로 갈라서 놀이를 했다.
The children decided to divide into three different teams and played.

생선의 배를 가르고 내장을 뺐다.
The fish’s stomach was cut in order to take out the innards.

화살이 과녁을 향하여 바람을 가르고 날아갔다.
The arrow split the air as it flew towards the target.

가리다1 to cover

나는 너무 무서워서 손으로 두 눈을 가려 버렸다.
I was so scared that I covered my eyes with my hands.

그는 모자로 얼굴을 가리고 나무 그늘에서 낮잠을 자고 있었다.
That person covered his face with his hat and slept underneath the shade of a tree.

*twoChois 님, 감사합니다! 목소리가 너무 좋으시네요. 진짜 아나운서 같으세요. ###


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