The “Repeat 1” Button

For advanced level grammar, I have 2 books:

  • Korean Grammar in Use – Advanced Level – Japanese Version (the English version is not out yet, but the Chinese version has been published recently.)


  • Korean Grammar Practice for Foreigners – Advanced Level – English Version.
Korean Grammar in Use

Korean Grammar in Use – Advanced

I’d say they complement each other. Some grammars are discussed in both books, but there are also some who are not. Like this one: -건 -건 is explained in Korean Grammar in Use, but not in Korean Grammar Practice for Foreigners. Get both. 😉

But I like Korean Grammar in Use better, because at almost the same price,
it has 3 audio CDs,
it gives conversations between 2 people as examples of grammar usage,
it is in full-color with a lot of cartoon illustrations,
the grammar explanation is longer and clearer,
and the exercises are in long passages, but actually you just have to use the right vocab word and make the correct conjugation with the grammar explained in the chapter.

While Korean Grammar Practice for foreigners
doesn’t have audio CD,
the sample sentences are clearly for written language, not conversation,
use color variation for fonts, but not as colorful as Korean Grammar in Use,
shorter grammar explanation,
and the exercises/questions for practice are more TOPIK/test type, that can get really boring (I haven’t finished doing the practice questions).

Maybe I can avoid classroom textbooks altogether with these two books (I hate Yonsei Korean series ;P But I still want to check out New Ganada Korean – Advanced so… I don’t know). Oh, and I also have Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners – Advanced for vocabulary list. When I’m done with these three, I’ll study TOPIK Advanced books. I want the certificate! But I give myself 3 years to do all this. Advanced level is difficult. *Ya think? 당연하지.

Anyway, this is not what I initially wanted to blog about… Haha.

So I’m reading 1 grammar point a day from Korean Grammar in Use, the one with audio CD. I’m on grammar no. 3 out of total 80 grammar rules, still long way to go. The audio is really good, very fast (=normal speed), with a lot of new words for me. But the new grammar didn’t stick to my brain. Soon I forgot again. But I have found a solution! The repeat-one button on my smartphone! You know, the one that makes one song/track repeats endlessly?

Repeat One

Because repetition works!

So I study one chapter in the morning, and then I play the conversation on my smartphone over and over while doing the dishes, for example. Sometimes I listen mindlessly, sometimes I shadow, sometimes I repeat in my heart, sometimes I tune out, but finally I remember everything and I can hear every word in the conversation. The repeat-one button is a lifesaver! ###


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