Just Saying

I don’t translate every word and look up every grammar because I insist on learning Korean “the old way”, I simply do it because I enjoy it. I think all book translators are used to looking up words in dictionaries because guessing is actually dangerous. Besides, why guess when you can find your answer on Naver Dictionary in seconds? 영어 사전: http://m.endic.naver.com/

I don’t feel miserable when I look up words. It’s fun. Learning new words is fun. I don’t know whether I’ll remember the meaning of words tomorrow or next month. Who can possibly know? I can’t tell the future. But NOW, I know the meaning of this word. NOW, I understand this sentence. Knowing the meaning NOW is what matters to me. I actually feel miserable when I can’t find meaning of words I don’t know (Korean slangs, for example).

Can you remember words you don’t really understand? I can’t.



Oh, and I learned one new word: 깐깐하다 from this package of kimchi. I didn’t guess, I looked it up. It means ‘strict’/’meticulous’, 厳しい, as in 깐깐한 규칙 (meticulous rules). The kimchi was good. This brand was not sour at all, more on the salty side. 맛있었어요! ###

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