I didn’t know The North Face Korea had its official YouTube channel.

I hope I romanized this correctly (the way it’s supposed to be pronounced).

나갈까 말까
[na-gal-kka mal-kka]
Shall I go out or stay inside?

북극한파에 망설여지는 겨울.
[buk-kkeu-kan-pa-e mang-seo-ryeo-ji-neun gyeo-ul]
The winter when you become hesitated because of the cold wave from the north.

노스페이스와 함께 추울수록 밖으로.
[no-seu-pe-i-seu-wa ham-kke chu-ul-su-rok ba-kkeu-ro]
With North Face, the colder it gets, the more we should be outdoor.

우리의 겨울은 밖에 있다.
[u-ri-e gyeo-u-reun ba-kke it-tta]
Our winter is outside.

The North Face.


북극 (北極)=the North Pole, or maybe just the northern area? ;P
한파 (寒波)=cold wave


“The North Face” Commercial

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