Onions 700x530

Onions 700×530 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to the supermarket.

I saw bottled water, and I thought: I know how to say it in Korean. 생수.

I saw milk, and I thought: easy, it’s 우유.

Onion, 양파. There’s a singer with that name.

Toothbrush, 칫솔.

Toilet paper, 휴지.

Pillow, 베개.

Wait, how do you say ‘eggplant’ in Korean? I forgot. I checked the dictionary app on my cellphone. 가지. I air-write 가지 with my index finger and whisper the word. 가~지~. 가지. 가지 is eggplant. OK.

Spinach? Forgot again. Dictionary. Right, 시금치. I wrote 시금치 with my finger, whispering 시금치. Popeye loves 시금치.

At the electronic section, I saw 선풍기(electric fan) and 전기 밥솥 (rice cooker). I want one of those hand blenders. I can make fruit juice with it, right? Can I? 몰라. Oh, hand blender is… 핸드 블랜더?

I had fun learning Korean and grocery shopping at the same time. 😉 ###

Supermarket”에 대한 4개의 생각

    • I have DioDict, Offline Dict, and Naver on my Android. I don’t understand what you mean as ‘for beginners’, do you want pronunciation guide or just basic words? In that case, why don’t you get a paper dictionary for beginners? I never use it, though.


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