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Have you read this blog post by SOSHI LOVE about changes in TOPIK?
With intermediate and advanced level merged into one, I suspect TOPIK is going to be easier (even with 2 essays), and in that case, why should I even study these advanced level grammars that are not even used in things I enjoy? The reason these advanced grammars are so hard to remember is because they’re kind of irrelevant to me. I don’t read difficult stuff for entertainment.

(I don’t read Haruki Murakami for this reason also. I don’t like being confused when I crave for something fun. But I bought his essay book at Kinokuniya Jakarta recently. もちろん日本語ですよ。)



Because I’m hopeful that I can skip advanced level grammars for TOPIK (yeah right… keep dreaming!), at least some of them, even if not all… I think I’ll quit studying grammar for TOPIK for a while, see how things turn out, and focus on drama scenario or practical phrases instead. >> You see I change my mind all the time. I might say this today, but who knows, I might find advanced grammar ‘irresistible’ tomorrow.

So… I decided to start reading this book again: 거침없이 한국어 1.
I received it for free from I only read the first chapter to write a book review for long time ago. I never finished it because at that time it was too difficult for me. The book is all in Korean and the dialogs in the drama are really fast. 저 솔직히 말하면 좀 무리했어요. (^^;) But this morning I tried to watch the 부록 DVD again and I was surprised because I could catch what they were saying. The explanation written in the book also felt easier for me to understand this time. Yaay…! My Korean is getting better. Y(^^)Y *jumping around like crazy

거침없이 한국어 1

거침없이 한국어 1

I studied the drama skit in chapter 1 again this morning. If I spend 3 days to study one chapter (1 day for drama skit, 1 day for grammar, and 1 day for culture section), I can finish this book in 30 days, if I don’t change my mind again, that is.

Anyway, I love this book… now. I guess if you’re ready for it, you will enjoy it.

This time I’ll really use Lang-8 to check my sentences and ask questions about Korean culture which answers I can’t find on the web. Or maybe I’ll ask the questions on this blog and hope someone answer them for me. Bwahaha. Thank you guys for answering my questions last time! 정말 감사드려요. 좋은 하루 되십시오. ###

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  1. The advantage of self-studying is that we can decide what we want to learn. Watching dramas or reading books are much more interesting than the grammars. As for me, I hardly keep myself open a grammar book and study. I often read a paragraph and if there is a new grammar point, I will open the grammar book to check. (In fact, google is much faster than the grammar book) ^^


    • The advantage of self-studying is that we can decide what we want to learn. ←This! I know what you mean, often I just stare at my grammar book for a few minutes only to say to myself: no, I can’t do this. Now I just follow my heart and decide what to study on a daily basis. I’m so glad I’m self-studying, no need to follow someone else’s instructions.


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