Even 15 Minutes Works

My stepper. 내가 애용하는스텝퍼예요.

My stepper. 내가 애용하는 스텝퍼예요.

I think it was last month that I blogged about how I would exercise 15 minutes before my Korean study time in the morning every day. My study habit (4 am ~ )is pretty much established so if I could tie it up with some form of exercise maybe I can make it ‘sustainable’. So I tried it for a couple of days, but I ended up studying Korean covered in sweat, and I didn’t really like it.

So then I tried to exercise right before shower time in the morning, and it has been working for me.

My exercise is simple. I just use my stepper while listening to ONE OK ROCK for 15 minutes. Then I shower.

After a month, I didn’t lose any weight. But…! My face has become slimmer. I gained so much weight that I lost the borderline between my neck and my face because it was covered with fat. Now, whenever I look into the mirror, I’m amazed because I have jaw line. Hahaha. (*^o^*)

I also fit back into my old pair of Uniqlo jeans. Yaay…! ###

Even 15 Minutes Works”에 대한 9개의 생각

  1. Wow! You really are a morning person. I barely feel human before 8:30 even if drinking multiple cups of coffee… But I could study without any problems between midnight and 02:00 – if only I didn’t have to get up at 5:15 to be sure to be at work by 8:00.
    Congratulations on fitting into your old pair of jeans \o/


    • Haha “when people get old”. You’re not old judging by your “about” section!!! 😀
      When I was working night shifts during the summer, my skin did react by becoming dry and dull. At a point I was afraid it would become permanent, but thankfully it returned to normal when I left the night team. However, that was a complete reversal of night and day: wake up at 17:30, dinner at 19:00, leave for work at 20:30, work 22:00-07:00, home 08:45, breakfast and then in bed by 10:00. I won’t be doing that again unless I really have to. The only time I didn’t feel horrible was when looking at my pay check.

      If I just go to bed at 1:30 and wake up at 8:00 my skin doesn’t suffer and actually improves. I’m feeling much more alert during the day than if sleeping 22:30-05:15 and I can get rid of that distinct panda-eyes-look. It’s not that I *cannot* get up early every day, but I cannot claim to enjoy it. Funny how our body clocks can be so different.


    • Yay…! 다이어트 성공 축하해요. 봉지 다이어트는 뭐에요? 처음 들었어요. 풍선 다이어트같은 거에요? 스테퍼 운동은 좋아하는 음악을 들으면서 스테퍼를 밟기 때문에, 춤추는 듯한 느낌, 별로 힘들지 않아요. 15분만 하고 땀이 많이 흘려서 기분이 좋아요. 계속할거에요.


    • 아, 그렇군요! 봉지다이어트는 봉지에 공기를 불어 넣어서 묶은 다음(풍선처럼) 90도로 다리를 들어올려(걷는 것처럼) 허벅지가 봉지에 닿게 하는 거에요. 제대로 설명이 되었는지 모르겠어요. ;_; 아무튼 스텝퍼처럼 땀도 나고 힘들어요. 저도 티비를 보면서 하는데 생각보다 힘들어서 금방 헉헉 거려요. 😉


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