[REVIEW] Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning to Early Intermediate

I thought I’d share this textbook review “Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning to Early Intermediate” by ASIANthusiast. I’ve never used this book, though. ###


First of all, this is the same with Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning.. I’m not sure why there’s this version, but well, since the contents are the same, there’s no problem here. :p

Anyway, I know that I said I was going to order this book along with the Intermediate version but that would not be until June 22nd because 언니 will come back here on June 30th.. So I would probably get my own copies on the 1st week of July.. Fortunately, I found a copy of this book in the library, and excited as I was, I immediately borrowed it and took it home with me.

Now, I really agree that this book is really great! But like any other books, this has its own pros and cons. In my opinion….

What I loved about the book:
– It is smaller than other Korean textbooks, and a bit lighter…

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