KBS 라디오 독서실 (Radio Reading Room)

If you’re an advanced learner, KBS 라디오 독서실 is another great learning material to further your Korean study, especially if you’re interested in Korean literature. In this program, the host, Byeon U-yeong or 변우영 (a female KBS announcer) will be reading a short story and what’s amazing is, the whole script is provided on the show’s website. You can think of it as free online Korean audio book. *She’s got such a beautiful and soothing voice, you can enjoy the ‘sound’ of her beautiful Korean  even if you don’t understand much. *She’s the host, but there are also other voice actors who read the stories.

Audio files are downloadable on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/kr/podcast/seoul-1964nyeon-gyeoul-gimseung/id698520690?i=229728759&mt=2
or its RSS page: http://enabler.kbs.co.kr/api/podcast_channel/feed.xml?channel_id=R2002-0198

Here’s the audio of the latest show: ‘김승옥 다시읽기’ 두번째 『서울, 1964년 겨울』, 57 minutes.

You can view the script here: http://www.kbs.co.kr/radio/radio_drama/library/play/aod.html
Click 전문보기 (=view full text) to show a pop-up window for the script.


Click 이전 방송 (=previous broadcast) to find scripts of other episodes. Click until you find the title you’re looking for, and then click 전문보기 (=view full text).

KBS Reading Room

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