Shadowing TOPIK 듣기 문제

I’ve been studying with TOPIK 33 Advanced Level Listening problems these last couple of days. (You can download them for free from the usual places). The speed of speech of the listening problems for TOPIK test is much slower than I expected. Audio files included in my advanced level textbooks are at least 2 times faster. Because it’s slower, I could do shadowing with the problems, and I really enjoy doing it.

I’ve been using TOPIK problems to teach myself new words, new grammars, listening practices, and also speaking (shadowing). I think it’s great that it was divided into 3 levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced, so I could work my way up. I’m aware that it will be divided into only 2 levels, but now that I’m learning advanced level Korean, levels don’t matter anymore. No matter how they change the test, my workload will not change because I want perfect understanding of the language. But actually I want the writing section to be optional because honestly I don’t really care about my writing skill. So, whoever in charge, could you please eliminate the requirement to write 2 essays? 🙂 Haha you wish.

TOPIK Advanced

Anyway, here I am doing shadowing from TOPIK listening problem, to show you that it can be done.

From TOPIK 33 Advanced Level:

창업을 위해서는 업종 선택, 입지 선정 등 신경 써야 할 것이 한둘이 아닙니다.
그러나 무엇보다 주변 상황을 제대로 인식하는 것이 중요합니다.
월 2 , 0 0 0 만 원 가량의 매출을 올리고 있는 한 햄버거 가게의 성공 비결은 이런 원칙을 바탕으로 철저하게 주변 상황에 맞추어 준비를 한 것입니다.
외국의 햄버거를 한국 시장에 가져오면서 짜지 않고 담백한 맛을 좋아하는 한국인의 입맛을 고려해 조리법을 새롭게 개발했던 거지요.
또 미국에서는 햄버거가 주식인 반면 한국에서는 간식으로 여겨진다는 점에 주목해 가격 경쟁력에도 신경을 썼습니다.
현지 상황에 맞게 변화를 준 거지요.
이런 점들이 성공의 발판이 되었던 것입니다.

Saying it out loud really helps your brain understand complex Korean sentences and you can practice speaking Korean even without any Korean around. If you just sit back and listen, you will miss out the chance to practice speaking, and I promise that you will retain, memorize, and notice more things if you try to reproduce the words/sentences.

Nobody can do shadowing perfectly from the beginning. It will be too fast at first. But as you do it over and over, you’ll see that it gets easier and you’ll be surprised at how fast you improve.

Trust me, it works, because I’m doing it! Happy studying, everyone! And, don’t quit! I’ll laugh at you if you’ve got the nerve to say methods I use don’t work but you’re the one who quit learning Korean first! If you quit, that means I win! *laughing histerically ###


5 thoughts on “Shadowing TOPIK 듣기 문제

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  2. Our teacher at Korean courses (korean native speacker) always gives us hometask like “listen and repeat from this page and to this for several times everyday a week” because he wants from the student right intonation, pronuncation and etc. I’ve never heard about shadowing before but I think that it’s a bit similar ^^ Your advices are very useful.
    [and I won’t quit learning Korean bwahahaha]


    • 그렇군요. 진보적인 선생님이시네요. 대단합니다. 그럼요. 공부를 그만두시면 안돼요. 유창하게 한국말을 하게 될 때까지 열심히 해야죠. 화이팅~


  3. I will use it with my students next semster, but could you tell me how to use it in order to see an improvment in theri speaking fluency within a month? Because I will make also a research about it and I have to see atleast few improvment.

    Many thanks, waiting for an answer.


    • Sorry for late reply, I haven’t visited my blog for a while. That sounds interesting. I’m curious about how the lesson went in your class and how your students thought about the result of shadowing for a week, like you said. If I was to teach shadowing in a class, I would show my students how to do it myself (maybe using audio of a short conversation or passage from a chapter in the textbook or news or whatever within their level), make them practice in the class to make sure they completely understand how to do it (and how fun it is), and ask them how they think about the self-training method and the result later.


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