Started Reading 악기들의 도서관

Hi, how are you? 잘 지내시죠?

Today I start reading this Korean e-book I bought at Google Play: 악기들의 도서관 (the library of musical instruments).

The reason I bought it was because it was on the recommendation list from NHK online Korean test I took a while ago. In Japan, they added an audio CD and Japanese translation. I thought I could survive without translation now so I just got the one on Google Play. Cheaper.

Now move on to an unimportant topic… *You can stop reading here.

My diet! I’m still doing the ‘stepper diet’ that I started about 2 months ago. It’s not really a diet because I don’t reduce calory intake, I just use my stepper for 15 minutes every morning while listening to ONE OK ROCK, right before shower time.

Lately I increase it to 30 minutes a day.

Today I finally lost the first 1 kg. Yay!

I know it’s almost nothing! But small victories are important… to keep up motivation? To make it a habit? I don’t know. I don’t really care about motivation, I just do stuff when it feels right to do it. Uhm… I’m happy about it, that’s what’s important.

Anyway, yesterday I had pizza, chocolate, cola, 5 cups of coffee, and chocolate ice cream so I think it’s amazing I still lost that 1 kg.

I’m glad I found the type of exercise that suits me. Exercising on the stepper while listening to the music I like feels like dancing. I don’t feel that tired. And this might sound gross, but I really like it when sweat fall like rain from my forehead to the floor. Hahaha. I think I can continue to do this exercise for the rest of my life.

The truth is I found the energy to start exercising after going to ONE OK ROCK concert. The show was really great and I was deeply moved watching those young men worked so hard to please the audience. The power I received from the amazing Japanese band and being with the wonderful audience at that time is still with me even after 2 months. I still feel the excitement even now and I wondered to myself why I never went to any concert before.

And then one day, a friend from the old days wrote in her Facebook status that she thought it was not OK with her that people went to concerts of foreign artists because those tickets were expensive and they could have used the money to help the needy.

So suddenly I remember why.

I used to surround myself with friends who are like her. I was so afraid of what my friends would think of me, so of course I could never go to any rock concert when I was younger. What would they think of me? I was worried that they would hate me. They wouldn’t ‘allow’ it. So I tried to live like them even though it wasn’t working out for me. It was totally my fault. I gave my friends power to dictate how I should live my life.

I can see why she was right, her Facebook status, I mean. I spent a lot of money to go to the concert. I’m selfish and only think of my own happiness. I’m still not that mature and enlightened person who can get a kick by giving the same amount of money to charity… yet. I’m working on it, but right now, I can only be me. I chose ONE OK ROCK concert to make myself happy, to have a little good time in my boring life. I hope she understands, or not, it doesn’t matter. I don’t mind whether she understands me or not, whether she likes me or not. I understand me. I like me.

I think her way of thinking works out for her and I like that, so I clicked “Like” on her Facebook status.

I will go to ONE OK ROCK’s concert again when I get the chance. I will like that very much. ^^ ###


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