Sticker Photo = 스티커 사진 [seu-ti-keo sa-jin]

One time I watched an interview with a Korean idol in Japanese on YouTube
(Korean celebrities who try to make it in Japan always learn to speak Japanese, so it seems),
and he said he took a lot of “sutekkaa shashin” during his stay in Japan, a term which doesn’t exist in Japanese. A Japanese subtitle immediately appeared on the screen saying “purikura” (=instant sticker photo that you take in a photo booth).

The idol had literally translated the Korean term of “sticker photo”: 스티커 사진 [seu-ti-keo sa-jin] to ステッカー写真 [sutekkaa shashin] in Japanese. But they don’t say “sutekkaa shashin” in Japan, it’s “purikura”.

That’s how I learned the word 스티커 사진 [seu-ti-keo sa-jin].

Recently I went to a game center and I found a Korean sticker photo booth (I
live in Indonesia, not Korea).
I was excited that I could understand the hangul instruction. Yay me!
Look, I took pictures of the hangul letters!

Me… a woman who took pictures of a photo booth, not inside it. No wonder an employee tried to help me.

Purikura카메라를 보세요.
Look at the camera.


촬영전에 가방을 올려 놓으세요.
Put your bags here before taking pictures.


촬영이 끝나시면 소지품을 꼭 챙기세요!
Please make sure you have all your belongings after taking pictures.


때론 섹시하게
때론 깜찍발랄하게
다양한 스타일로 찍어보세요.
At times sexily
At times with cute & active look
Try taking pictures with various styles!

I uploaded a picture to my Facebook page and asked people to translate it, and as always there were people who had time to humor me.

Learning Korean is so much fun! (^^)v ###

Sticker Photo = 스티커 사진 [seu-ti-keo sa-jin]”에 대한 4개의 생각

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