NHK Korean Online Audio Course for Japanese Speakers

It’s Monday! I love Monday. The reason is because NHK Radio Korean online course is renewed every Monday morning (it’s in Japanese). It’s free but you have to register and login first to listen, I don’t remember how I registered so don’t ask me for tutorial, but it’s easy if you know Japanese. Well, you must know Japanese to listen to it anyway…

This will show up if you log in.

This will show up if you log in.

For beginners: まいにちハングル講座

For intermediate and advanced level:  レベルアップハングル講座

To listen is free but if you want the corresponding textbooks, you will need to buy them. (Good marketing!). There is paper (real book) version that is available in any bookstore if you live in Japan, and a digital version available at Japanese e-book stores.

Digital version of NHK Korean textbook on my smartphone.

Digital version of NHK Korean textbook on my smartphone.

I live in Indonesia and I always get my NHK textbooks on that sells Japanese e-magazines. It cost me 350 yen a month (about US$3 ).

I have been studying with the course for intermediate and advanced level, of course. The contents are superb because they are made by highly-competent people such as university professors, professional translators, interpreters, etc. and not always covered by other regular textbooks. Each course has a certain topic, for example: TOPIK, natural Korean, shadowing, common mistakes, learning through drama, reading Korean novels, etc. One course lasts 2-3 months, and when it’s over, a new course with a new topic begins. One lesson lasts only 15 minutes, so it’s a good way to create habit of studying Korean every day.

So actually it’s the reason that I study Korean every day at least 15 minutes a day.

The course for intermediate and advanced level for this month is reviewing irregular conjugation (불규칙 변화). It’s exactly what I need because if you’re self-studying it’s the part which most likely you rush through and didn’t really master the first time. ><

P.S.: Better to start following when a new course is began, not in the middle of it. Amazon Japan has textbooks and audio CD for past courses, sometimes they’re sold out, though.

Also check Gogakuru for phrases (with audio) discussed in the lessons: ###


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