I bought a Korean textbook on Neowing so I thought I’d blog a review of the store. Neowing:

Neowing is a Japanese online store where you can buy Japanese books, CD, DVD, and magazines. The EMS shipping fee is cheaper than Amazon Japan so if I only have budget for one book, I often check Neowing. It offers a point system which you can use for the next purchase (1% for books).

The website is entirely in Japanese, but its sister shop CD Japan is in English. You can make requests in English of goods available on Neowing to be made available for you to purchase on CD Japan, too. But I never did this.

Most books on Neowing are available within 2 to 4 days, but older books are often available after 3 to 5 weeks (!), which if it is the case, I just purchase the book on Amazon Japan.

Neowing is reliable and trustworthy, but every time I ordered, even though I got an e-mail right after my order was sent, the store always forgot to tell me about EMS tracking number, so I had to make an inquiry via e-mail. I always got my replies promptly, though.

This is how EMS package from Neowing looks like.

This is how EMS package from Neowing looks like.

Bubble wrapped & the myterious green paper.

Bubble wrapped & the mysterious green paper.

I got 「会話から学ぶ韓国語の文末表現」(Learning Korean Sentence Endings from Conversations), a Korean textbook for upper basic/ lower intermediate level which actually I won’t need if I had studied diligently the first time. But I didn’t, I browsed through grammars, and now I’m worried because even though I understand the questions tested on TOPIK advanced level, I can’t even make the simplest sentences correctly for the essay part on TOPIK. So I’m reviewing the basic/intermediate Korean grammar. This time I’ll study slowly until I master everything completely. Advanced level grammar can wait. Yeah, what’s the rush?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 남은 주말 잘 보내세요.###

NEOWING Review”에 대한 4개의 생각

  1. Good luck with your studies of Korean grammar. All of your recent posts about Korean books have me itching to buy some, but I know I must resist and complete/read the ones I already have. And you’re right that there’s no need to rush. Reviewing is good, anyway. 🙂


  2. Hi! I have just found your blog, and just wanted to say I think it is really interesting and well-written. I have been studying Japanese for about 7 years, and started to study Korean about 9 months ago. So information on good Japanese text books is very useful! This book looks very interesting and I would be interested in any other Japanese books you find!


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