My New Hand Blender


Philips Hand Blender

Philips Hand Blender

I finally got myself a Philips hand blender on Yes24Indonesia (a branch store of Yes24 in South Korea). It was 714,000 rupiah. Wait, I know how to read the price in Korean… 71만 4천… 칠십일만 사천 루피아였어요.

I was surprised to see that the writing on the box was in hangul, not English as usual. Isn’t Philips a Dutch brand?



매일 집에서 만드는 음식과 음료를 즐기세요!
어떤 속도에서든 손쉽게 완성하는 블렌딩, 다지기
및 거품내기.
Please enjoy food & drink made at home every day.
Blend, chop, and whisk easily at any speed.

손쉽게 and 다지기 were new words for me.

I plan to use the hand blender real soon. Need to buy some fruit first. (^^;)

By the way, I’m stil doing the 30-minute stepper exercise every morning and I lost another kilogram after 2 months. Very slow-paced but at least I don’t starve and I don’t feel tired. I can see my arms are becoming slimmer (I didn’t expect to see changes on my arms because I’m exercising with a stepper), my skin looks better (maybe the sweating has detox effect?), and my face looks slimmer already. Well, I guess routine exercise is good for you.

Oh, my old stepper broke, by the way, so I got a new one that I didn’t like at first because my body doesn’t twist that much when I’m using it but it was the only one I could afford for the time being. Next time, maybe I’ll get a bigger exercise machine, like a Gazelle Glider or a small treadmill. ###

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