One Grammar a Day for 90 Days

実用韓国語文法 上級

Since I found out about Lingq’s 90-day challenge, I’ve been thinking about doing my own but I couldn’t make up my mind about what I would do for the challenge. After all, I already am studying Korean every day. But now I’ve got one challenge to do.

I will study one grammar a day from Korean Grammar in Use – Advanced because that way I will finish advanced grammar in 3 months, instead of 3 years.

I have finished chapter 2 today so I know I can do it. Only about 70 something grammars left but “one grammar a day for 90 days” makes a good title, don’t you think?

For this challenge, I will just study in the morning for 1~2 hours and earn the right to brag on Twitter when I finish.

Fair enough. Challenge accepted, so I say to myself. ;P

Let’s spice things up a bit! What will you do with your Korean if you feel like challenging yourself for 90 days? ###


12 thoughts on “One Grammar a Day for 90 Days

  1. Wow, you inspire me. I think I will make a challenge plan like this to motivate me to study. In fact, I’m a little bit lazy to study the grammar books. I often regard the grammar books as the dictionary. When I find out any new grammar point in the reading passage, I will look it up in the grammar book and then study that grammar point. I don’t have the habit of studying everything in the grammar book.


    • Yes, I did it like you for basic to intermediate level, but I never read anything that requires me to look up for advanced grammar so I figured I’d just study one by one from the textbook. I want to pass TOPIK advanced so much. Otherwise I won’t study Korean anymore.


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