Meaning of “학원을 끊다”

I’m studying with Korean Grammar in Use – Advanced – Japanese version for my one-grammar-a-day-for-90-days challenge. This sentence is from the pages about -는 데 that I studied today. It doesn’t have translation. Can you understand it?

… 또 균형 잡힌 몸매를 만들어 주는 데는 필라테스만한 것이 없다는 말을 듣고 필라테스 학원을 1년 치나 끊었다.

The word list at the back of the book gives a clue:

학원을 끊다 : 塾の受講料を払う (to pay lesson fee of a learning center/cram school).

Without the word list in the book, I would never guess the meaning of this expression “학원을 끊다”. Because I looked it up on Naver dictionary and I couldn’t find the correct meaning. I guess it’s one thing that is hard about learning Korean: sometimes dictionary can’t help you. But a textbook can. So learning Korean from a textbook is not stupid (someone said that… hahaha).

Anyway, this is my translation of the sentence:

또 균형 잡힌 몸매를 만들어 주는데는 필라테스만한 것이 없다는 말을 듣고 필라테스 학원을 1년 치나 끊었다.


And when she heard that nothing could form your body better than Pilates, she paid lesson fee for one whole year at a Pilates club.

I hope I don’t make a mistake translating it. 😉 But if I do, 좀 가르쳐 주세요.

내일 봐요. ###


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