New Japanese Magazine for Korean Learners “Hana”

Today’s Music Bank. BTS boys gave red roses to the female MC, Bora from Sistar, because it’s White Day. 화이트 데이. Girls’ Generation won.


I follow a Facebook page of a Japanese company “Hana” that specializes in publishing Korean language textbooks in Japan. I saw an announcement that it would publish a new magazine for Korean learners in April. In Japanese, of course.

From the cover… it will have articles about learning Korean with dictation method with 4-colored pen, interpreting training method, how to make illustrated Korean word book for easier memorization, extensive reading without looking up words from dictionary (I love looking up words, though.), and how to write schedule book in Korean. It will also have audio CD with voices from real Korean people, and script. Seems interesting. 많이 기대가 돼요. ###

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