Second-Hand Book Haul

I’m doing one-grammar-a-day-for-90-days challenge. I studied one grammar yesterday, day 6. I’m still studying my grammar for today, day 7.

Gudang Buku, second hand bookstore in Bekasi Square.

Gudang Buku, second hand bookstore in Bekasi Square.

Last Saturday I went to a second hand bookstore called “Gudang Buku”. Most books are in Indonesian, but if you’re lucky you can find some books in other languages, too. It’s located on the 1st floor inside a mall called “Bekasi Square”. The books are not clean, the pages of the books look brown and old, and you will get black fingers from touching them. If you have respiratory problem or asthma, it’s safer not to go there. My daughter refused to go there with me so she waited in the car with my mother while I went on treasure hunt in the store. Maybe she instinctively knew it was dangerous for her (weak) immune system.

I told my husband,”These books are too dirty. I don’t feel like reading it if a book is too dirty.”

My husband replied in Japanese,”安いから、しょうがないだろう。”, and I found myself automatically translating it into Korean in my mind: 싸니까 할 수 없지. “They’re cheap so you can’t be fussy about them.”

I missed Book Off in Japan.

Finally I could brave myself to pick up some books.

Book haul from "Gudang Buku".

Book haul from “Gudang Buku”.

  • A Painted House by John Grisham, in English, and the translated version in Indonesian
  • Permission Marketing by Seth Godin (in English)
  • 究極の英語学習法 (The Ultimate English Studying Method) and its workbook (in Japanese)
  • The Last Time They Met by Anita Shreve (in English)
  • 10월의 이야기 (Stories for October) (in Korean) but this one is from last year.

I was happy with the books I bought there, but I felt like something was missing because the books were not pretty. So we went to an import bookstore in another mall: Books and Beyond in Lippo Cikarang Mall. I didn’t buy anything there, but I had fun playing with the new and beautiful books with my children. I would pick a book from a shelf, hold it with my 2 hands as if it was the most precious thing, and show it to my children. I would say,”This book is called XXXX by XXXX. Look how pretty the cover is! It’s red, my favorite color!”, as if I was doing a book haul video. (Just search “book haul” on YouTube, you will find a lot of videos with vloggers doing it). 😉

And thank you, nice people, for clarifying to me that “it does not worth it” is grammatically wrong everywhere in the world. Yes, “it’s not worth it” to correct people with too much pride that they won’t admit they could be wrong. Sometimes I have too much pride myself so… I understand. 🙂

Now, back to my grammar book! ###

Second-Hand Book Haul”에 대한 2개의 생각

  1. I love your joy of books. As a volunteer in the library, I know how dirty books get. We were constantly washing them. Take your new-to-you books home and give the covers a good wipe down. If it is still not satisfying, give them a pretty book cover. You can make them yourself out of heavy wrapping paper, paper bags, or other paper and decorate the covers to your taste, just like a school child would do.


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