Better World Books – Review

Better World Books ( is an online bookstore that offers free shipping internationally. It sells not only new books but also used books. Used books are ranked acceptable, good, very good, and like new.

I knew its existence since the time I was in Japan, but I stopped buying from the store because delivery took about 3 weeks to Tokyo which felt like ‘forever’ if you live in a country where you get things you purchase online on the very next day (from Rakuten and Amazon Japan). But now I live in Indonesia, and 3 weeks time for imported books is just normal. I browsed the website and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Better World Books also sells used Korean books. Search “Korean edition” and you will find a lot of them.

Better World Books often offers ‘Bargain Bin Sale’ where you can order 5 used books from its Bargain Bin for only $ 30 (free shipping!). But I didn’t make use of this bargain. I only ordered one book ($ 8.48) to try out its service. The website is a little heavy and often gives me error page, or maybe internet connection in my country is just a little slow. Payment was easy, I didn’t have to use PayPal account. After I paid, I got a confirmation e-mail, and when it was dispatched, I got another confirmation e-mail. I entered a wrong address for billing so I contacted the customer service, and I got my reply within 24 hours. The estimate delivery date for my book is stated on the Order Status.

Estimte Delivery

Estimate Delivery

I expected it to arrive on April 7, but it arrived on April 3, which was 4 days earlier. The local post office was being extra nice, or something.

The book was laminated tightly with one layer of plastic that also served as wrapping. Very simple packaging.

Wrapping for one book looks like this.

Wrapping for one book looks like this.

I can tell that the book is old because it is slightly dirty, but still in good condition.

My Wife Got Married by Park Hyeonuk

My Wife Got Married by Park Hyeonuk

Bar code sticker on the spine.

Bar code sticker on the spine.

Used books from Better World Books always have this bar code sticker on the spine.

Very clean.

Very clean.

The pages are very clean. It was described on the website as ‘very good’.

I’m very satisfied. I will definitely will shop at  Better World Books again. I put so many used books on my wish list there (Korean, English, and Japanese).

If you live in Indonesia, please be advised that the custom charges additional taxes for imported goods over $ 50.

Oh, I forgot to mention that if you buy one book from them, they will donate one book to promote literacy.###


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