Hooray! I Quit 90-Day Challenge!

I studied about -고도 today.

I studied about -고도 today.

Yes, I do. I did. I quit 90-day challenge yesterday. It was a bad idea.

I even lost count of the days. Twenty something days or thirty?

It was fun at first, but later I felt pressured and stressed out, and studying Korean became something I was reluctant to do. I spent the whole day thinking, “I should study now because I have to do my challenge”, but I didn’t. So I studied right before bed time and I didn’t study very well because I was sleepy. And then I felt guilty because I didn’t really master the grammar rule but I felt I had to move on to the next one. And this was all because of the one-grammar-a-day challenge. A challenge that I decided myself. How dumb! I used to look forward to my study time. This is not fun anymore. This has got to stop!

So I quit.

I guess pressure, even internal pressure, does not work well for me. It took away all the joy of learning.

But quitting will make you a loser! I imagine someone says that to me.

I will reply, a loser? Me? Let me think about it. Hmm… There’s no way I’m a loser. I’m studying with an advanced grammar textbook that you can’t even begin to understand if you haven’t mastered basic and intermediate level grammar. Besides, people’s opinion about me? I really don’t mind.*See note.

I care more about my happiness and obviously this challenge doesn’t make me happy.

And so I quit after winning that argument with the imaginary person in my mind.

Today studying has become fun again for me. I’m so relieved. The study time has transformed from a chore… back to what it is supposed to be: an escapism, something I look forward to.

(Studying as an escapism? Is that even a good thing? Is that… healthy? I don’t know. It may be not, but it works great for my progress).

I’m not doing the 90-day challenge anymore but I think I will finish the grammar textbook in 90 days anyway. 화이팅!

*Feel free to have that opinion about me but please remember it doesn’t mean I won’t delete your rude comment, OK? I hope we’re clear that I’m the boss here. ###


13 thoughts on “Hooray! I Quit 90-Day Challenge!

  1. 어떤 기분인지 잘 알아요. I’ve been preparing for TOPIK exams lately and it felt like the fun was taken out of my studying since my brain started to think that this is something I SHOULD and MUST do at all cost. I noticed some improvement on my skills though but the more I studied under pressure, the more confused I got because I move on to the next grammar even though I still haven’t fully understood the previous one. I kinda miss the feeling of studying for fun and not because you have to. I cannot wait to take the TOPIK exam and get this over and done with so I can go back to studying the way I used to. Sometimes, I don’t even care about passing anymore.


    • Oh my God, you’re so right! I’ve been reading all other bloggers complaining about pressure related to TOPIK preparation. I think it’s in 2 days? It will be over soon. Is pressure really good? Because I actually studied less during the challenge, not more. I’m just glad everything is back to normal.


  2. Very impressive that you actually did for about a month!:D Agree so much that the moment pressure sets in, it kills the fun of learning:( I can’t wait to resume back to learning Korean and hopefully I could be as motivated as you are:)


    • If I quit sooner, I could have learned so much more. I thought pressure should motivate me, but it did the opposite, it demotivated me, and I ended up doing very little, as little as necessary just to get over the challenge. Oh, well, I guess we live and learn.


  3. It’s nice to have a regular study habit, but when it becomes an obligation it gets so hard to keep going. I’m glad you don’t beat yourself up over quitting the challenge and that studying Korean has become enjoyable once again. ^u^


  4. Pressure does ruin Korean study, doesn’t it? How far have you made it in the advanced grammar book? I’m forcing myself to stay the hell away from mine. I have no time to spend on studying that. 😀


    • I remember not being at all interested in learning grammar points when I studied at school. The demand to get to a certain amount by a certain point makes my brain shut down. This is also why I refuse to start formal Korean classes because thats when it become an obligation rather than a hobby. Plus I’d have to pay 😀


  5. I tried the same and it didn’t work for me either. In fact, it’s really bad to do this apparently. In cognitive therapy (actively used for fighting depression) this is strongly discouraged. So good for you on quitting with it and going for fun instead 🙂


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