[Korean Audio Book] 전래 동화 (Korean Folktales for Children)

Now that I quit my challenge and the pressure is gone, studying has become fun again. Thank God.

During the challenge, I studied just as little as necessary and I didn’t feel studying was fun anymore. I thought a little challenge would spice things up and it would motivate me to study more but it didn’t happen that way. The challenge and its pressure demotivated me, and as result, I studied a lot less than before the challenge.

Now that I think about it, I’m worried that I’ve unknowingly ruined things for my children. Maybe I should have left them alone with their hobbies instead of interfering and giving them parental pressure they didn’t need. Oops.

Anyway, I studied a lot today. Other than one grammar from Korean Grammar in Use – Advanced (that I really enjoy using, by the way), I also read and listened to 4 stories from a picture book for children “전래 동화” ISBN: 9788915076945 / 891507694X.

Picture book and audio CD.

Picture book and audio CD.

해님 달님

해님 달님, about a brother and a sister who became the sun and the moon.

금도끼 은도끼

금도끼 은도끼, in which the Mountain God says “Is this gold axe your axe that fell into the pond?”.


삼년고개, anyone who falls from this hill  can only live for 3 years so an old man falls over and over to have a long life.

팥죽 할머니와 호랑이

팥죽 할머니와 호랑이, about a grandmother who cooks patjuk and a tiger who wants to eat her.

Vocabulary for folktales are rarely used anywhere else, in my opinion. Some of the grammar used is also TOPIK advanced level. But Koreans grow up reading and listening to these stories so maybe words I consider difficult and not that useful are considered ‘basic words’ from Korean natives’ point of view (지게? Even children know that word!). Maybe. How would I know? I’ve never met any Korean.

Children stories in Korean you can enjoy for free on Naver: http://study.jr.naver.com/donghwa/ and Daum: http://infant.kids.daum.net/book ###

[Korean Audio Book] 전래 동화 (Korean Folktales for Children)”에 대한 7개의 생각

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