My Book Haul – April 2014

The Japanese journal for Korean language learners, “hana” vol. 1, that I ordered on Neowing has arrived today. It’s actually in book size, not magazine size, if you know what I mean. Black and white, looks more like a serious textbook than magazine. One CD included (about one hour, Korean only).

I think it’s more for advanced learners than intermediate learners because  learning material in it is “real” stuff for native speakers (news, radio program, drama, etc.). I read a blog post saying that the audio CD is a little slow because it’s made for learners, but no, I don’t think so. Even some part of the audio which is “slow” and meant for basic level is actually in natural speed.

韓国語学習ジャーナルhana Vol. 01

韓国語学習ジャーナルhana Vol. 01

Just by briefly looking at the pages makes me feel a little overwhelmed (I think I need to be in a study mode to read these, armed with markers and pens) but I hope I’ll be able to finish it before vol. 2 is published in July.

I’ll start reading from the easy part first: articles about learning methods and tips.

It’s the last book I bought for this month. ↴

Book Haul - April 2014

Book Haul – April 2014

I also got 3 Korean e-books on Google Play recently.

Google Play 도서

Google Play 도서

Oops, I didn’t realize I bought so many books. But it’s totally fine because education is important, right? ←물론 핑계지.

Ira 님 has just told me e-books from Google Play can be downloaded as pdf/epub files : Awesome! I didn’t know that. Thank you, Ira. ###

My Book Haul – April 2014”에 대한 6개의 생각

  1. *drool… I only got 2 this month (but this month haven’t ended yet!), Korean Grammar in Use Advanced and a journal (Q & A a Day: 5 Year Journal).

    Curious, when we purchase ebook in Google Play Store, can we download it? Or it’s still in the clouds and we’ll need internet access to load them every time?


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