Japanese Comedy Duo “Cow Cow”

On Saturday and Sunday, there was Sakura Matsuri held near my house (it’s an annual festival for everything Japanese) so I went there with my family. My sister also came from Jakarta.

There were cosplay competition, bands who sang anime songs, booths that sold Japanese food such as takoyaki, sushi, ramen, yakitori, furankufuruto (sausages), etc. It felt like a summer festival, not a spring one, because Indonesia is hot, and people were wearing Japanese yukata, which is summer outfit.

The main event for us, though, was a comedy show by a Japanese comedy duo, COW COW. They came all the way from Japan. They became popular in Indonesia recently because they translated their jokes into Indonesian language and also made appearances on TV in Indonesia. Their special joke: あたりまえ体操 (Atarimae Taisou/No Surprise Exercise) is called “Senam Ya Iyalah” in Indonesian.

English version:

Indonesian version:

Japanese version:

Korean version:

My children often watched COW COW on YouTube and they had memorized the “Senam Ya Iyalah”. I often watched the duo on TV when I was living in Japan years ago, but I had never seen them in real life, so I was excited, too.

They performed a new version of their “No Surprise Exercise” which was arranged to point out about daily life in Indonesia that were “no surprise” to us, Indonesians. For example: sometimes you get candy, not money, as your change at stores, nasi goreng is delicious, we like taking selfies, and so on.

People around me laughed and commented: is that how Japanese see us?

The show was good but the interpreter did not translate the whole conversation into Indonesian which kind of disappointed my sister because she was curious about why Japanese audience were laughing.

They were very nice and humble! I love them!

He read my tweet!

He read my tweet!

I tweeted to one of the member (“I live in Cikarang. Here’s a picture that’s out of focus, but I went to see you. You two were awesome. Next time will you let me do the interpreting? LOL. Please do your best on Dahsyat (an Indonesian TV program)”) and guess what, he marked my tweet to show that he read it. Yay…!

COW COW 화이팅! or shall I say 「ファイト!」(fight)?

Do Japanese still say ファイト or is it obsolete?###

4 thoughts on “Japanese Comedy Duo “Cow Cow”

  1. Oh, I had no idea you could receive candy as change in Indonesia! I think some people in Portugal would like to have that choice too. ^^ Sometimes it’s hard getting the wallet so full of little coins.

    I’ll have to check that comedy group!


    • Yes, I’m from Portugal. ^u^
      Oh, I hadn’t thought about that, but indeed, after shopping for 100 times it can become a bit of a loss.
      I’ll look for the Korean version, to see which country adaptations they did. 🙂


    • So you’re learning Korean and Japanese from Portugal? That’s great. Yeah, they often give you candies when they lack of small change. Maybe foreigners who come to Indonesia are surprised to receive candies instead of money. I updated this blog post with the Korean version.


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