No Such Thing as “Old” Fans

This is an interview video of a Korean band, Royal Pirates, in Japanese by Tower Record (a CD chain store in Japan). No English subtitles, but as you can see in it, Kim Moon-chul (the one in the middle) is quite fluent and confident in speaking Japanese.

At 2:18 the vocalist said he studied Japanese a little bit at college, but he picked up Japanese again and learned seriously since about a month ago. Only one month!

He made minor grammatical mistakes but of course Japanese fans didn’t care and they probably thought his Japanese was adorable. You can hear fans squealing, laughing, and cheering as he spoke.

The Japanese interviewer complimented his Japanese and she was surprised that he knew a difficult Japanese word such as 本格的 [honkakuteki] (=in full-scale, full-fledged). Actually he said 本格的で [honkakuteki de] which is incorrect, and the correct form is 本格的に [honkakuteki ni]. I can’t help but thinking that for him, as a Korean speaker, 本格的に [honkakuteki ni] is merely a direct translation of 본격적으로 in Korean. For other foreigners, it’s a difficult word. For him, it’s not.

But I bet before the interview, he had a lot of practices and he could be spending that one month to prepare speaking Japanese for the interview so he didn’t have much difficulty on the stage and we could enjoy his speaking Japanese and even thought his Japanese was impressive.
Let’s practice to avoid making your ‘audience’ suffer. ^^

At 3:30, the member sitting on his right, said in Korean that he didn’t expect that Japanese fans that came to see them that day were “old”. In case you don’t know, many K-pop fans in Japan are women over 30 and even in their 60s. The interpreter translated his words exactly the opposite: “I’m surprised that everyone is so young” to convey the same sentiment and add a little humour. Wow! It just blew my mind! 本当にいい勉強になりました。참 좋은 거 배웠네요. ^^ ###

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