Arirang Korean Basics 2

I said I wouldn’t buy Korean textbooks for basic level anymore, but when I saw “Arirang Basic 2” for $7.48 (used book, free shipping) on Better World Books, I just couldn’t help myself. If I had bought it new, it would have cost me around $23. The book looked brand-new (the description on the website said “very good”) and even the CD was still sealed.

Better World BooksArirang Korean Basics 2Arirang Korean Basics 2Arirang Korean Basics 2Arirang Korean Basics 2Arirang Korean Basics 2Arirang Korean Basics 2

It looks really interesting and good for reinforcement/복습. I’m not disappointed.

It’s a supplemental book for Arirang TV’s programme “Let’s Speak Korean” and you can watch them for free on YouTube. I really love the show because the expressions are really useful right away and they explained everything in plain English. You can understand the10-minute lessons perfectly even without the books, Arirang Korean Basic 1 and Arirang Korean Basic 2. Free MP3 download for the books is available on Darakwon’s site, somewhere (no. 26 and 27 on the list on the right sidebar):

Season 1 (130 episodes), by ARIRANG CULTURE:

Season 2 (130 episodes), a list made by ruthinwales 님:

Season 3 (130 episodes) by ARIRANG CULTURE:

Season 4 (100 episodes):

Season 5 (26 episodes) by ARIRANG :

I saw “Arirang Korean Basics 1” was on sale on YES24Indonesia and I clicked “buy”. Oops. Now the book is sold out so I won’t link to it. OK, it’s destiny. You can’t fight destiny. The universe wants me and this series to be together. ^^

그럼, 안녕~ 주말 즐겁게 보내자고요~ Bye bye~ ###


6 thoughts on “Arirang Korean Basics 2

    • LingueJunkie is an interesting name. I’m a Korean textbook junkie, I want them all. I bought it because it was a bargain for me and I collect Korean phrasebooks. If you want a ‘real’ textbook that teaches you how to conjugate words and plenty of drills, this book doesn’t have them. I think, other than the short columns about Korean culture, the information in this book series is already covered in the YouTube videos so it’s not really necessary to have the textbooks.


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