Reading 까치의 재판 (The Magpie’s Trial)

까치의 재판

This morning, I read a Korean folktale 까치의 재판 and I thought the story was funny so I told my daughter (10) about it.

A sparrow wanted to eat a fly, but the fly protested and soon they got into quarrel about who did the worse sin to humans. (I thought it was hilarious. Why have a quarrel with your food?). They asked a judge -a magpie- about it, and the judge decided it was the sparrow who was the worst sinner, and hit the bird’s leg with a cane as punishment. (You know the stick or cane that is used to hit people’s legs in Korean drama? It’s called 회초리.). From then on, sparrows had to jump in order to walk because one of his feet was injured, and flies rubbed their hands to show their gratitude.

My daughter responded that she read somewhere that flies rub their front feet to clean them before they eat something.

I thought to myself that I didn’t know whether what she told me was really true. #꺄우뚱 #dummymommy

Soon she rushed out to find her grandmother (my mother) to tell her about the Korean story. ^^ ###


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